Liberal Kook Who Called For Nuclear War in America Qualifies For dimocrat Fall Debate

Yes, the GOP candidates have been much more diverse at the presidential level and the congressional level. Democrats are definitely playing catch-up to Republican diversity.

“dErP bUt TeH gOp!”


Enjoy your old white men. You’ll be voting for them.

Sorry, but steyer would never go Independent. He’s crazy, but he hates trump as much as any collusion kook around.

The republicans never had 14 white men running in one cycle.

Or seceded to protect their slave-filled plantations.

Isn’t Warren one of the front-runners?
Wasn’t Hillary the previous nominee?

Old white men?

I love when cons make fun of liberals because we have a diverse party. It’s like they are jealous or something…



Uh same to you bucko :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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At best, libs will allow her to be the Vice Presidential candidate. She will receive less pay and less responsibilities that way.

The rich, racist, old, white, child sniffer, will be your boy next year. If you don’t vote for the kid groper from Pennsilvania, the ■■■■■ grabber might win again. :rofl:

Someone needs to iron bernie’s shirt.

Bad strategy. We’ve already got a liberal kook in the White House who likes nukes. How is this guy going to differentiate himself?

Oh yeah - he’s (d)ifferent.


It’s not like 2016 was only 3 years ago or anything

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Elderly white men deciding who is and isn’t black since slavery.

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and once again we are shown why the GOP only get 9% of the black vote.

I count 12 white men. How many do you count?

I don’t work at WaPo.

And the Democrats have 1 less (11 white men) running. Your point that this is unprecedented failed

There were 14. More than the republicans ever had.

My point stands. Your math is wrong. Use your fingers and toes next time.

14 white male dimocrats in 2019.

12 white male republicans in 2016.

No denying it.

Name the 14

There are also more people running this year… your point fails