Liberal College Professor recommends Biden "Declare War" on Republicans

Like I said, corporate journalism is a sham, it’s government propaganda. Find independent journalists if you really want journalism. You can frequently find them in exhile. Or sub stack.

You speak of a free press, which is a pretty broad group. Some, not many today, are reporters, many more are just propagandists posing as reporters. Not being a friend does not make one an enemy. You however seem to think in zero sum. I think propagandists have no credibility and that their product should be considered suspect unless proven otherwise to my satisfaction. And with 20+years of investigative and intelligence agency experience I am very skilled at recognizing fact vs opinion and identifying falsification, misrepresentation or omission.

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Seat belts and helmets don’t prevent accidents. At best they “may” mitigate “potential” injury, but sometimes the person in the seat belt dies because of the belt, and the helmet doesn’t prevent the fatal head injury.

I expect a higher level of information and analysis. I don’t see that in the majority of the press.

Just as I said…

Good investigative journalism still exists…just not on the cable news/corporate media news sources.

Glad we can agree

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I use the term the (free) press in the same manner the 1st mentions it.

I am not a fan of corporate news.

What did you do for 20 years?

Enlisted out of high school, wanted to be a police officer, but needed to be 21, except in the army. Spent 5 years as an MP, Discipline Law and Order duty half the time and infantry/recon training the rest of the time. Army MP units conduct offensive combat operations in defense of MSRs and rear area operations. Transitioned to Army Intelligence, becoming a credentialed Special Agent, serving in that capacity until I retired.