Liberal College Professor recommends Biden "Declare War" on Republicans

Talk about a case of desperate projection. The Democrats have lost control of the narrative, because the publics lying eyes can see what is going on, and need a distraction. So the answer is accuse Republicans of being authoritarian racists and openly “Declare War.” Her answer is to declare her fellow citizens as actual enemies because they don’t agree and because Biden is the emperor with no clothes.

Liberal college professor suggests Biden ‘declare war’ on Republicans, compares them to Civil War slaveholders


That’s the last thing any of us should want to do, if they’re truly in this for the betterment of us all? What she just exposed about herself is, she isn’t…which equates her with a turd.


Every good campaign needs a villain.

You love “exposing” villains. How is this an issue to anyone?

You should see every mainstream media youtube clips ratios of views to likes lately. They took away the dislike button for a reason.

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Wow, the Atlantic published that? Imagine if Fox had saying the opposite.

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Biden could easily declare war on the authoritarians threatening our democracy,

Wow the Atlantic published that?!?!

Oh noes

Fox News article admitting that authoritarians and republicans are synonymous.

Oh what a bright day before Turkey day

Oh and the Atlantic has turned to utter crap

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She is talking more about what Biden has been trying to do than what he should try to do. This attempt is just part of the reason for his poll numbers (the most of it being because everything he has touched turned to manure).


Cool, you found an idiot on the Left, now broad-brush everyone on the Left.

That’s how it works, right?

Why is she an idiot?

What a convenient edit. Context

“If Biden needs to unite voters, whom should he unite them against?” she added. “Boston College professor Heather Cox Richardson told me, ‘Biden could easily declare war on the authoritarians threatening our democracy, much the same as Abraham Lincoln did when he pulled northerners together to stand against the slaveholders.’ That is, he could spend more time trying to direct Americans’ attention to the threat posed by the Trump-directed Republican Party, which is consolidating power at the state level and turning against democracy in large numbers.”

That isn’t broad brushing, it is calling on a biden to wage actual civil war against Republicans, to improve his poll numbers no less.


Talk about creating enemies isn’t helpful.

She’ll probably end up with a promotion or a position within some democrat administration.

Want to come over and wage some war against me?

This is a bad position in your opinion?

The Fox News article just said declare war. I posted where she said it.

With the implication that applies to all on the Left.

In politics? Since when

War on drugs
War on poverty
War on authoritarianism.

The context of the article is that presidents need to define an enemy in order to garner support. If you read the article you will see she didn’t say to literally declare war, it was used in a figurative sense. And not against Republicans, against authoritarians threatening democracy.

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What are you going on about?