Lets talk who WILL and SHOULD be Trump's next Supreme Court pick

I want to know who Trump should pick, and who will be the next Supreme Court Justice nominee.

According to the news reports, the top contenders are Brett Kavanugh, Raymond Kethledge, and Amy Coney Barrett

Kavanugh appears to be the favorite according to various sources.


  • 53 years old
  • Yale graduate (Both BA and JD; cum laude)
  • Appointed by George W. Bush in 2003 for U.S Court of Appeals for District of Columbia Circuit. He’s held the post since 2006.
  • Notably worked for both Ken Starr and Anthony Kennedy.


  • 51 years old
  • Michigan graduate (Both BA and JD; magna cum laude, 2nd in his class)
  • Law school professor at Michigan
  • Judge for U.S Court of Appeals for the sixth circuit. He’s held the post since 2008.
  • Worked for Anthony Kennedy.


  • 46 years old
  • BA from Rhode Island college (magna cum laude), and JD from Notre Dame.
  • Law school professor at Notre Dame
  • Member of the Federalist Society, a highly influential group which lobbied for Gorsuch.
  • Been a U.S Circuit Court judge for the seventh circuit since 2017.

All three passes my eye test. I will be very happy to see any of those justices on our court. Personally I am rooting for Barrett, but I think Kavanugh will get the nod.

What about you? Who should Trump pick? Who will Trump pick?

Pick the lady, she is the most likely to live longest.

Goodbye chevron… goodbye roe…goodbye gay marriage…the religious right as gonna pound their ideology hard on everyone…you know exactly how they claim the left and gays where and everyone bought it…well most…bought their ■■■■■■■■ and lies…

Good luck america…you gonna need it

They are not going to turn back the clock on gay marriage nor will they completely overturn Planned Parenthood v Casey, though they may narrow it.

Chevron deference will be flushed and the sooner the better.

BTW, a very nice picture of a family man, (Kethledge) with his son.

elections have consequences. remenber?

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Here is a piece on Kethledge’s Second Amendment jurisprudence written by one of his former clerks.

From what I’ve read Barrett is the biggest social conservative, so pass on her.

Also? That a Supreme Court nominee might potentially be younger than me is a little disconcerting.

We need constitutionalists on the Supreme Court not activist judges and most activist judges are leftist radicals, so we don’t need anymore of that kind thats for darned sure.

Of the three choices I’ll have to go for the female.

This is the guy. I read a summary of his cases on wikipedia. Besides the 2nd, he defends the 1st.

And his home office is in his barn. Not Harvard, not Yale, not DC District.

This is the guy.

What’s wrong with Harvard and Yale?

The SCOTUS is supposed to be representative of the country.

In all honesty, was there ever a SCOTUS judge who didn’t have an elitist background?

Are Harvard and Yale not just as representative of the nation as suburbia or skid row?

Of the 3, Kethledge seems the most reasonable, followed closely by Kavanugh.

In all three cases, I have the sneaking suspension that if any of them indicate they are going to be too far right that Roberts will become the new Kennedy and be the swing vote in a lot of cases. He’s already demonstrated he can be the voice of reason when need be.

You want your own “judicial activists” on the Supreme Court.

Roxiebell standing up for affirmative action.

They are already over represented. Michigan is not skid row.

➤➤ The judge writes his own opinions, from start to finish—unusual at the federal appeals court level, where law clerks often do much of the drafting. He was recognized for “exemplary legal writing” by the Green Bag almanac in 2013 and 2017. “First, I think judges should do their own work. Second, as with Eisenhower writing memos to himself, the process of writing makes me think so much harder about the subject than just editing does,” Kethledge once said. “I have more insights about the case or doctrine when I go through the agony of writing the opinion myself.”

A college boy who also has a JD. Sounds like an elitist to me.

What’s your purpose?