Lets talk who WILL and SHOULD be Trump's next Supreme Court pick

Only to point out that there are no “common folk” among SCOTUS judges. They’ve all led privileged lives.

I’m not unimpressed with Kethledge. He looks to be a decent sort, even if he did attend a liberal public university with all its leftist indoctrinations. :wink:

I like Kethledge’s thoughts on solitude.

I didn’t say anything about “common folk”. You think group think from a closed society is a good idea? You like king makers?

I didn’t say anything about liking it.

All eight of the current Supreme Court justices received their law degrees from Ivy League schools. Half of the justices — John G. Roberts Jr., Anthony M. Kennedy, Stephen G. Breyer and Elena Kagan — were awarded degrees from Harvard Law School. Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Sonia Sotomayor graduated from Yale Law School. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also attended Harvard before eventually transferring to Columbia Law School where she earned her degree.

Enough. Harvard and Yale have 30 justices between them. Enough.

The reality is that the best and brightest young students seeking to pursue law as a career go to the best institutions. (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, New York University, etc.)

Federal judges have typically been selected as the best in their fields. So that is obviously going to bias the selection to the top tier schools.

It is not elitism, it is merely selecting the best.

Goresuch is Harvard too.

I disagree. I would personally not bias towards Harvard or Yale, but if my preferred candidate comes from one of those schools, I will select that candidate.

I prefer well educated judges. If they come from the Ivy League so be it.

I’m sorry safiel, I disagree. A law degree from Harvard is no better than one from UT.

The difference is in the networking.

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Then again, maybe I am biased. My daughter holds a Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania, so she is one of them Ivy elitists you speak of. :smile:

Actually, the University of Texas has a highly regarded law school, considered itself to be a first tier law school. I think a J.D. from UT would have most of the value of a J.D. from Harvard or Yale.

On the other hand, a J.D. from Cooley Law School has very little value.

Not Ivy. Harvard and Yale and to a lesser extent Columbia.

How do you feel about those elitist commies at Dartmouth? Princeton? Brown?

As is Michigan, Northwestern, Virginia.

And of course Penn.

There is no reason to keep weighing Harvard and Yale over all others.

Princeton does not have a law school. :smile: Long running joke there actually. :slight_smile:

Brown and Dartmouth also don’t have law schools. :smile:

Better than Harvard. Not as good as Michigan or Chicago. Minnesota is in the top 20.

Impressive. What’s her PhD?

I weigh Harvard, Yale, Columbia, New York and several others equally as the top of the law school heap. I don’t weigh Harvard and Yale over those others.

Since it’ll be 6-3 theere will need to be two swing votes.