So the elderly liberal clown-hippies over at Rolling Stone are at it again, drumming up more lies about Trump to agitate the sheeple to vote. They’re bleating out this nonsense that the President and his fellow patriots are already preparing to challenge the midterm election results. I know that I, for one, really hope he goes early and hard on Pennsylvania, in particular. Like, all-in.

Trump has been briefed on plans in multiple states and critical races — including in Georgia. But Pennsylvania has grabbed his interest most keenly, including in the Senate contest between Democrat John Fetterman and the Trump-endorsed GOP contender Mehmet Oz. If the Republican does not win by a wide enough margin to trigger a speedy concession from Fetterman — or if the vote tally is close on or after Election Night in November — Trump and other Republicans are already preparing to wage a legal and activist crusade against the “election integrity” of Democratic strongholds such as the Philly area.

Trump’s focus on Pennsylvania, however, seems to be more about his own political future than about party allegiance or fealty to his celebrity endorsee. As he hosts meetings on possible 2022 election challenges, he’s also been laying the groundwork for a run in 2024 — where Pennsylvania again promises to be critical and competitive. As one source who has spoken to Trump several times about a potential post-election-day legal battle over the Oz-Fetterman race puts it, Trump views a potential midterm challenge as a “dress rehearsal for Trump 2024.”
Trump Plans to Challenge the 2022 Elections — Starting in Philadelphia – Rolling Stone

So is this:
• totally fake news,
• partially fake news; or
• real news and great news
• both sidses
• TDS?

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News flash, Orange Man takes up permanent residence on the frontal cortex of DNC and the progressive Left. In other news, political parties prepare for legal challenges to contested races.


So you categorize this information in the bins marked:


Both sides

Fair enough.

It is common knowledge that both sides have a stable of consulting law firms and the news is always populated with one side, or the other, filing legal challenges to elections. So yeah, orange man references are the shiny object and political parties getting things in place for legal challenges are nothing new.

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Okay, but that’s not what is happening here.

This isn’t good faith, this is static the system, in another attempt to steal the election. And it’s going to lead to violence, you watch.

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In other news, medical science still hasn’t developed a cure for TDS.


I know what this reminds me of:

Q: What is the real deal with Mr. Burns’ assistant, Smithers? You know what I’m talking about.

Troy McClure: [chuckles] Of course we do. As you can see, the “real deal” with Waylon Smithers is that he’s Mr. Burns’ assistant. He’s in his early 40’s, is unmarried, and currently resides in Springfield. Thanks for writing!

Sick burn bro

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If the term “orange man” wasn’t in the thread title would either of you paid attention to the story? It’s a “stray dogs bites man trying to pet it” story without the orange man reference.


Not really, they haven’t found a cure for BDS, ODS or HDS either.

Huh? I read the story before I made the thread. The thread-title is my own. And had I titled the thread differently, I still would have paid attention to both the story and the thread. Since it’s mine.

Absolutely. @margaretms2 is one of the best posters in the forum.

She is a pleasant counterpoint to the arrogant bloviators on the right, busy pretendending that cynicism is wisdom, and are generally all round unpleasant people.

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You did put a nice shiny object in the title, too bad the story behind it wasn’t something new. I tend to focus on what is being done. Then I evaluate what is being done to determine if it is new / unique / exceptionaI / infamous. Finally I look at who is doing it. The only hook in this thread was Orange Man, with no actual beef on the burger once you looked inside.

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Even the best fail from time to time. It’s a weak topic about nothing new.

Why is it that you seem to be actively trying to dissuade people from posting here? We can see the site stats, it’s not great.


All the usual suspects are free to post, it won’t make the topic new or exciting. It is a good study of TDS.

An even better study of defend anything and everything…

Historically, my threads drop like rocks.

I used to put “LIVE NUDE GIRLS” in the titles, which only led to more disappointment.

But part of my motive was just to bring the thread into existence. It’s about future events; if the Trump and the GOP begin aggressively contesting the PA vote at 11:00 pm based on the usual chimeric vapor-evidence, we’ll go from there.


The only thing I see being defended here is the use of Orange Man as a shiny object.

An ongoing event would provide actions to discuss and arguments to evaluate.