Let's Talk About Changes to Policing

How do you know “he pulled his gun from the holster”?

They had no business pulling him out of his car.

Being armed is not a crime in this country.

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Another thing that needs to change:

This having to announce to cops when a citizen is armed. Showing permits, etc. “Prove we authorized you to exercise your right!”

The default is “I am not a felon”, not “Prove to me you’re not a felon”


There is no reason to pull anybody out of a car for a license plate or a traffic violation. It’s nonsense.

Scan the registration, write the ticket and shut up.


From the link:

The police chief said that based on body camera video from the incident, Allan “rolled the window of the vehicle down only a few inches and refused to provide identification or cooperate with the officer in any way.”

  1. He doesn’t have to roll down the window.
  2. He does have to show his license, probably not deliver it, if he’s driving.
  3. He is not required to “cooperate.”

Sounds like the cop got his ego bruised decided to do a humbling.

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Also from the link:

adding that an “empty holster can be seen on Mr. Allan’s right hip and a handgun can be seen lying on the driver side floorboard of the vehicle.”

  1. Having am empty holster on a hip is not a crime. Anywhere.

  2. Seeing a handgun on the floorboard is not a crime.

  3. If he didn’t have it in his hand, he can’t shoot anybody.

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How else would the cop have seen it?

Or do you think the cop just started shouting “gun! gun! gun!” for no reason and it was just a coincidence that he had a gun … which he kept on the floor on the driver’s side instead of in the holster on his belt.

C’mon man.

Can’t write a ticket if they haven’t seen the registration and they don’t know who you are.

The registration is on the windshield.

Maybe in some States. But they write the ticket to the driver, not the vehicle.


Where are the riots gonna take place? I am sure BLM and Antifa will be there.


Let me know if this works please.


What gives cops with their hands on their weapons the authority to order a citizen to take their hands out of their pockets?


$750,000. The citizens of Milwaukee had to pony up 3 quarters of a million dollars because of a freakin’ parking ticket and a cop on an ego trip.


Well, looking here. Shining examples of professionalism by these police officers. They were properly trained.


Great video and kudos to the police officers. Thanks for posting.


Oh and thanks to you I was up until nearly 3am watching audit videos. My new youtube addiction.


And therein lies the problem.

In law enforcement, there are different ‘levels of force’ that are used to control crime. The lowest level of such force is ‘physical presence’, meaning the criminals actually know you are there.

How do you do that without writing tickets? And openly patrolling the streets?

If your hands are in your pockets, you may be reaching for a weapon (knife or gun) to attack the cops with. That is why they like for your hands to be out where they can be seen.

It goes back to a basic rule of self defense, always keep your eyes on the hands of your opponents.