Lets put this into prespective

UK 66 million
Italy 60 million
Germany 83 million
Spain 46 million
France 67 million
Total pop is about 322 million people.

Now how many effected with China virus?

UK 22 thousand
Italy 98 thousand
Germany 64 thousand
Spain 85 thousand
France 40 thousand

Total with Chinese Virus is 309 thousand people.

United states has about 10 million more people with total effected with virus is 145 thousand people.

So what did Trump do that cause them to have over twice infection rate?

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I didn’t realize that a virus had a nationality.

I am sure as infection rates in the US continue to rise for at least two more weeks that this thread will age well.


Oh so Europe was infected with Chinese flu before United states?

Keep in mind we have just as many international entry points as those European countries on that list.

You can’t do that Conan. You can’t compare Europe with America because Trump is a narcissistic meatbag, arglebargle!


One can only hope.

Your premise is seriously flawed.

Do you mean all the listed countries are at the same stage? Would that make a difference @Jezcoe?

That’s an insult to flawed premises

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Chinese flu does not exist.

Completely irrelevant. The thread’s premise is fundamentally and fatally flawed.

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It’s not a serious discussion. How can we even begin to compare numbers when the US is just getting started? It’s exponentially exploding.

One tries to be polite.


Now explain that to the media and to Hillary when they tout USA as having the most infections.

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You can’t compare them because they aren’t at the same stages of infection. It makes no sense. The premise is ridiculous, and the rhetorical aim is to absolve Trump of doing a crappy job, when all evidence points to the contrary. He’s lied every step of the way, now he’s accusing people’s healthcare workers of stealing and hoarding supplies. He’s making States fight for equipment, he’s snubbing Governors who don’t kiss his feet. He’s bragging on Twitter about his Pandemic Briefing ratings. Argle ■■■■■■■ bargle.


Oh…so you’re saying the virus started in Europe 2 weeks earlier?

Either way what does Europe and United states have in common? Is Trump responsible for Europeans.

IN fact one could say United states is doing better then Europe ATM.

I’m not a scientist or a statistician, and won’t pretend to be one by googling a lot. But it’s hard to know where we are in the timeline because of this administration’s horrible track record thus far on covid-19 testing in the united states.

We are still way behind on testing per capita than most of those countries so this comparison is at present meaningless,

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That was a lot of arglebargle.