Let's not forget why trump was elected

“I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.” --Donald J. Trump, August, 2016

Times golfing: 144
Taxpayers cost: 77,000,000
Has only golfed at his clubs…
Not only is he wasting taxpayers money he’s pocketing it…

So far it has been estimated that he has spent 25% of his first 2 years on the green…

Are you saying that he lied?

Have some respect for the office, for crying out loud.

Let’s not forget why trump was elected

The world’s best taco bowls?

trump was elected by Nationalists who for some weird reason thought the Government though Polar opposites, should be run like a business and well, the CEO’s are getting paid buku bucks while the rest of us dont and its a truly ■■■■■■ company. In order to facilitate this trump had to pass the notion to believers that conscience was a negotiable commodity.

Yeah, Trump’s presidency puts to bed the whole idiotic narrative about how the presidency should be run by a businessman or an executive.

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That not enough data at all. What is does it proves that a bad failed businessman who became a reality tv star can not run the country. We could find some person running a hotdog stand who is more successful than Trump.

Does it? Things seem to be going quite well if you don’t count his lack of decorum, which is not a universal trait among businessmen.

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trump inherited a good economy which has continued grow at about the same rate it did before he took office…


So you no longer care about exploding deficits? Or the fact that trump is transferring your tax dollars to his pocket by playing golf at his own clubs?

Also, job growth is slower than under obama.

Iran is on track to make nukes again.

Syria is not going well and we’re still involved.

Trump sent billions to farmers to bail them out for a mess he created. I guess you no longer care about govt. bailouts either.

I haven’t. Build the wall.

Go to Mexico and protest…


Things are going exactly as well as they were for the last several years of the last administration, except that the deficit is ballooning again, and inflationary pressure is starting to become an issue.

Nahhhhhhh…then I’d be on the wrong side of the wall.

I don’t agree with most of your above assessments for various reasons. I’ll pick one because I don’t feel like addressing them all on an individual basis.

Iran was never off the track to make nuclear weapons.

Ok two.

Yes, job growth tends to slow down the closer you get to full employment.

Inflation is a consequence of a fast growing economy. Obviously it wasn’t much of a problem during the Obama years, which required the printing of trillions of dollars to prop up his economy. And while I take issues with the lack of spending cuts to offset the tax cuts, I know which party would block cuts to anything but the military as well.

Trump needs somebody to go down to Mexico to pick up that damn check so he can start building it…

How long does a out of country check take to clear…:thinking:

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I don’t care who pays for it or even if it is built, but I’ll take interior enforcement over sanctuary cities and open borders any day of the week.


Concentrate on the savings from free education, hospital visits, prosecution, prison costs…

The economy is growing at a constant pace over the last five years. Spending was coming down by the end of Obama’s term. Your points are trash.