Let's make Nancy the first impeached House Speaker in US history

I believe Nancy Pelosi is guilty of abusing power and obstructing Congress. Vote here to make her the first impeached House Speaker in US history. After that she will always have an asterisk after her name and title.

"Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker*.

  • Impeached 2020 for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress."

This impeachment will be as real and reputation shattering as the present Democrat impeachment of President Trump. But we will be able to asterisk her name forever in this forum.


I vote impeachment on both counts.

One aspect of her willingness to abuse power is that she is untouchable with a D majority.

She won’t be voted out either.


She has it.

I’m not relying on the House to impeach her. We can do it here. It’ll be just as valid as the Democrat attempt on Trump.


It would be just as valid.

She is her own worst enemy.



I can just about hear Tattoo yelling “Ze plane, ze plane!”.


Methinks you are opening up a can of worms with that suggestion. I would expect Nunes to be impeached using that methodology.

Uhh, Articles of ‘Peachment have been voted on by a partisan vote in the House. The charges of abuse of power and obstruction (neither impeachable offenses by definition) remain in the Speakers desk drawer. Until the Articles are read and adjudicated in the Senate the President is not “impeached”.
I know, it sounds nifty to say and write “the President was impeached” but folks could say you robbed a bank when you were really sitting at home in your jammies reading this!

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Nope still impeached.

Except that there was a vote in the House of Reps and the majority voted in favour of impeaching the now impeached president Trump. Acolytes of Trump may not like the fact that he is the third president of the USA to be impeached; but the fact remains that he has been impeached irrespective of whether D Trump was wearing his pyjamas or not.

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She’s already imspeeched. :sunglasses:

A very good argument that has been Pelosi has yet relinquished the articles of impeachment to the senate. Therefore the impeachment process has not been fulfilled.

Heh. Mitch McConnell says hello.

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trump’s impeachment is meaningless


More than a very good argument.

It is the reality of where we are.

House D want to run with the impeachment label, but have not learned to walk with the process.

Lindsey Graham said they will give her another week and file their own Senate motion to dismiss with Manchin and a couple D Senators ready to cover if Romney or Murkowski get oppositional.

Time is about up.


It has absolutely nothing to do with Graham… He has nothing to do with when the Speaker of the House of Reps passes the articles of impeachment to the Senate In the interim Trump is only the third president of the USA to be impeached.

The Senate is taking this as an affront to their institution.

They are not happy and will put this thing to bed…Senator Graham said DAYS…Not weeks are left.


Perhaps they should put their dummies back. Senator Graham is a joke.

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Focus on what matters and stay safe…

Your Welcome!