Let's make Nancy the first impeached House Speaker in US history

Fortunately where I live I am reasonably safe from bushfires. However, in the southwest of my state we are unlikely to have any meaningful rain for the next 8-10 weeks unless the remnants of a cyclone gets this far south. So my state’s bushfire season is far from over. Also, potentially some of the fires currently burning in Australia may burn for weeks.

With respect to USA firies coming to help, I am sure that assistance is very much appreciated. I would expect countries that have the ability to assist another country to help as I would expect my country to provide support to other countries who need help. I am sure I don’t have to provide links that document when Aussie and Kiwi firies have gone to the USA to help support your firies when your country has needed it.

Canadian firies have also volunteered their services to come to Australia to assist, and some are scheduled to fly home soon after being here for several weeks assisting. Their assistance is also very much appreciated and I am sure our assistance has been appreciated when we have gone to Canada when they required our assistance.


No its not. It’s part of history.

3 impeached Presidents out of 45. Trump is one of them.


No it isn’t. Its some excuse to try and wash away the fact that Donald Trump is the 3rd President to be impeached.

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The problem with that scenario is that a clear majority (according to polls) want a Senate process that will include calling the witnesses and gathering the materials that Trump refused to let the House have. Doing it Graham’s way will look like a cover-up at its worst, especially with the stories that came out last week about dissent within the Trump Admin about the aid holdup.

If more comes out, and that seems likely, the risk to the R’s who dismissed this matter only increases.

Yeah. And thus claims of impeachment will continue to devalue all around, just as Nobel Peace Prizes and Times Person of the Year Awards. My point and purpose exactly.

Stories as in fairy tales? Probably

Two voted by a majority of House Democrats plus House Republicans to be impeached and subsequently referred to the Senate for trial, and therefore actually impeached; and one voted by a majority of only House Democrats to be impeached and subsequently not referred to the Senate for trial, and therefore almost impeached. Hmmmm. Maybe the Dems should get a participation certificate so they don’t feel too bad about not winning.

Absolutely. She has certainly abused her position!

Does not matter.

Donald Trump* is the 3rd impeached President in US history. My kids will be taught this in school.

Make all the flimsy excuses one wants, but its part of history. Forever.



That’s small potatoes. We have a fire burning in my State, that’s in the county I live in and an adjacent county – started by lightning in June, when the snow fell in October it put it out.

Only problem is, a hous member can’t be impeached.

Impeachment is tried in the house, and then goes to the senate for trial.

That can only happen to the president, and judges.

However, the house could hold a vote to EXPELL Pelosi from the house with 2/3 vote of the house only.

Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.

So Nany Pelosi can not become the first impeached House Speaker in US History.

Clearly a lot of PDS inflicting republicans and conservatives lately.

Only to people who worship the man… they will continue to worship him.

Clinton is remembered for his impeachment. Nixon resigned before getting impeached and is still remembered for his conduct. I believe the same will be true for Trump.

I didn’t realise this was some sort of competition. I have posted a number of links that have shown the devastation caused by these bushfires. There have been a number of deaths caused directly by the fires and given the poor air quality there are most likely many more people who have or will die as a result of these bushfires. There was an estimate a few days ago that something in the order of 500 million animals have been killed. Since September, 2019 16.0 million acres have been burned by these bushfires. That is just under 10 % of the entire state of Texas and about a quarter of the size of Oregon.

Emails actually, the sort of thing that Trump supporters thought entirely credible when the Wikileaks gave them to the Trump campaign.

It’s not a competition.

I’m just saying here we have fires that burn for months and the only way to put them out is mother nature.

@Snow96 it sounds like you didn’t mean to post this in this particular thread. If you move it I will respond when it is moved.

a completely partisan impeachment with no crime, and as of yet no trial


A crime isn’t required

Yes I did.

You replied to someone who told you to focus on the fires and put a response to it:

To take you back to your post.

Then I said we have one that burned for months

you you didn’t know it was a competition

I said it wasn’t.

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