Let's go Durham. Move your arse

Let’s go. Out with it. You don’t have the luxury to drag your feet and fiddle fart around anymore. The new A.G. is dodging questions on whether or not he will keep you or fire you. In other words, your days are numbered. You are the slowest moving turtle in the history of turtles. It’s time to step up to the plate and deliver. The game clock is almost at zero. If you have nothing, then tell us you have nothing. If you have something. Let’s see it. Get moving slowpoke.

WATCH: Merrick Garland Declines to Say He Will Keep Special Counsel John Durham (breitbart.com)

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If Biden gets away with firing him that would be some really stunning hypocrisy. Just confirming Garland would be.

Biden isn’t going to fire him even though Durham shouldn’t really be a special council by the rules of how they are installed… but he won’t fire him.

Also I really doubt that Durham has much more than what Horowitz reported.

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Haven’t we done this one before? It feels like we’ve done this one a couple times already.


I do hope that Garland would release the unredacted Meuller report.


I would fire his ass for incompetence. The foot dragging is absurd.

Is it possible there is nothing to report?


Then report that.

That would be awesome. But I don’t expect it. I don’t think democrats want the entire story of this debacle officially exposed. But I would love to see the collusion between the DOJ and the Hillary campaign fully exposed. He will NEVER be pressured by democrats to do this. Ain’t gonna happen. Maybe those fine journalists at CNN will push for it? :rofl:

The cover up will continue.

Oh man you ruined the not a surprise.

Yeah… what you describe wouldn’t be redacted so we know it isn’t in there.


Is it possible that you didn’t read the whole post?

If you have nothing, then tell us you have nothing. If you have something. Let’s see it. Get moving slowpoke.

I kinda covered that. Yes?

It’s wise of him to wait till a biden presidency because then all the cons can say 'Biden got the Durham and made him report nothing…" and the conspiracy can conitnue.


Cool. He’s just giving you guys cover. Now when he reports the same stuff that Horowitz reported and that the senate intel (gop lead) reported, you can claim it was becuase Biden and his AG pressured him into reporting garbage and you can conitnue to believe stuff.

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Then why the cover up? Why don’t they simply put it out there? In case you haven’t noticed. I’m agreeing with you. Your party should not repress this information. But they will not. We will both be disappointed.

Still just a drip drip drip…right?:droplet::droplet::droplet:

If there was anything in the Mueller report that cast a bad light on the Clinton campaign, Bill Barr would not have redacted it.

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You’re over thinking this. The topic is not about what anybody believes. They topic is about Durham fiddle farting around and getting fired without wrapping up his so called investigation. I mean Jeez. He has had all the evidence available to him for months and he still won’t budge. I just want him to move his ass. Put up or shut up. Agreed?

Why are you trying to create a disagreement where there is none? Your party will not do the right thing and release the report. Zero chance. As I said, we will both be disappointed. You should turn your attention to them, because I’m agreeing with you.

No. Again. You are overthinking. My statement isn’t complicated. Either you agree or you don’t. Where do you stand?

If you have nothing, then tell us you have nothing. If you have something. Let’s see it. Get moving slowpoke.