Let's Get Something Straight Bernie

Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara are not people to be admired.

They executed thousands of their own citizens, Che over 150 in one sitting, and tortured thousands more. Including kids.

A “literacy program” does dead people no good.

And that’s not even counting those killed in other countries by exportation of the revolution.


It’s not even doing Bernie any good.

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Silwy wabbit…when you murder all of those that are illiterate, your literacy rate goes up.


the nut wit left college professors worship them. then they lord over the college kids with their leftist nonsense

thats how communists become major pres candidates

College Professors’ careers depend on their ability to publish scholarly work and generate grants.

Can you provide one citation from a refereed journal or an academic press in which a college professor at an accredited institution expresses worship of Fidel Castro or Che Guevara? Can you provide any basis for this accusation? If your accusation is real, it should be no chore to come up with at least a dozen citations.

I know. Professors are bad, Abimael Guzmán, Camilo Torres Restrepo (also a priest).

Castro and Che created the ELN in Colombia out of a school field trip. I have no idea how many they killed.

Don’t waste your time.

Now he will tell you why that didn’t EXACTLY fit all the specifics of his question.

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he chose to speak at universities because he said, “that is where you find the real ‘military spirit,’ in students, not in the barracks.”

You have no idea who Abimael Guzmán is, do you?

Fomenting revolution, contrary to libberish, is a rich college kid’s game. Poor people don’t have time.

I assume you are talking about this… since there is no link

If so, I think I understand what he is saying, but I also believe he should have just left it alone and flat out condemned Fidel.

He basically did exactly what Trump does with murderous dictators and we on the left right condemn him for it… Bernie should not be the exception.

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Before he attacks the source:

and used that success to charm the left and sway liberal opinion to their side by successfully standing against an American military invasion and embargo and excising America’s domination of Cuba.

those of us on the left respected his standing up for the poor, the downtrodden and the desperate masses of the developing world.


New York

The writer is a professor of political science at Purchase College, SUNY, and the author of “Cuba: Confronting the U.S. Embargo.”

He believes it. Do you believe Bernie is willing to accept casualties for “the greater good”?

This thread has nothing to do with Trump.


Oh I am sure he does. Bernie is pretty genuine.

Doesn’t make it right… especially for us on the left. We condemn Trump for similar comments. Bernie should not get a pass because he is on our side.

I don’t see how praising anything about him, helps his case.


This article supports my point… The six examples are all private or blog statements by academics, not the academic papers their careers depend on. And most of those comments were partial in their praise – mainly view Castro’s contributions to education and literacy as positive without finding much else to praise. This is not evidence of “worship” in any form.

Can you cite anything – not even an academic paper – that rises to the level of “worship.”

As kooky as he is, I’d smoke pot with him once.



Yeah. I responded to a post that claimed professors “worship” Castro and Guevara. An article in which professors praise Castro’s policies in one or two areas hardly rises to the criteria of “worship”.

Words have meaning.



@Guvnah you called it.


You didn’t read the article.