Let's Get Some Things Straight on Abortion

We continually here the left talking about abortion rights, and despite the fact that abortion has been legal since 1973, they push for more and more “rights” in their genocide of the unborn.

One thing they always bring up is “the life of the mother.” This, they believe is a reason to justify murder in the womb but this is a complete lie. First, let’s look at that scenario. If a pregnant woman comes into the hospital with some kind of emergency where the only way to save her life is by terminating the pregnancy, there are already laws in place to ensure that happens. The real issue is intent.

Abortion is a deliberate procedure decided on by a woman and performed by a doctor to end the life of a baby. In the emergency scenario, the intent of the procedure is to SAVE the life of the mother, the death of the baby is the necessary RESULT of the procedure, not the purpose.

It is a total lie for liberals to lump the two together, especially under the banner of “Reproductive Rights.” The mother already has the unalienable right to life that is not in any way affected by the “right” to kill the child she created in her womb.

Liberals are also denying that their death practices, as well as virtually every other law or policy they enact, are progressive. They start with something small and specific but over time becomes more and more beyond their intent. They deny that the New York state legislature stood up and cheered at a new law to allow later term abortions, and they deny that in Virginia, killing babies that survived an abortion attempt and are born alive may be killed after delivery.

This is the future goal of the party of death. Absolute unrestricted abortions including up to time of delivery. Coming soon: legal assisted suicide followed by euthanasia of the elderly, ill and disabled.

You heard it here first…

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Nah, I’m good. Y’all basically lost this issue.


@Optrader Some states have physician assisted suicide, but I’m pretty sure they all require that you have a terminal illness and have 6 mo or less to live. Seems pretty humane to me, and I intend to make use of it should I ever be diagnosed with a terminal illness. Why suffer needlessly and use up all your resources that could go to your family? Now required euthanasia? I don’t know anyone who wants that.

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“Abortion” means the loss of a pregnancy due to the premature ejection of the products of conception (fetus, fetal membranes, placenta, etc), for any reason.

The medical term for a miscarriage is a “spontaneous abortion”.

There are ways to commit suicide that don’t involve doctors.

Laws aren’t needed for unintentional abortions and that’s not what the debate is over.

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And much more pleasant ways that do involve doctors.

Not entirely, all of my children are alive.


Already available in some states. What’s the problem?

Glad that got cleared up


Who tried to force you to abort them?

If you can’t figure it out on your own I doubt I can explain it to you.

I consider using the tragic cases to argue for the continuation of current abortion practices to be nothing less than using them as human shields.


Who is forcing anyone to have an abortion? I didn’t realize that was what the abortion issue was about. Whoever is doing that should definitely knock it off.

Do you consider anecdotes of people who were slated to get an abortion and didn’t or better, were going to be abortes by rheir mothers and weren’t to be emotional manipulation?

Another example of the left changing the true meaning of words to frame their agenda.

When we are talking about abortion, reproduction has already occurred.

The new life has already been created.

All that remains in the process is growth of that life.

Or killing it.


Your previous comment about your children being alive, posted in this thread, suggests they all survived/escaped abortion. Can you clarify what you intended to mean, please?

Sure, but you fully know the context of this thread and the OP’s point.

Pretending elective abortion is something other than the deliberate killing of the life that now exists is pure disingenuous smokescreening.