Let them drive Teslas…

Well here we go. Another moronic, elitist, out of touch idea put forth by another idiot that Libs have installed to power. So let me get this sentiment, that I normally reserve for the end of my posts out of the way now: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??

This is basically what we’re being told by Lib leaders, if not exactly in those words. Specifically Senator Debbie Stabenow.

She exemplifies the stupidity of the left. The starting price of 60k is already beyond the price most Americans can afford, especially after the devastating effects of 17 months of Bidenomics has had on our economy. But aside from the cost of the vehicle, have any of you Libs thought this through?

One sight I looked at figured that at an average price per KWh of 14 cents, the average EV would cost about 55 dollars a month with variations depending on where you live and what your utility company charges. Great right? We all spend more than that on gas. Of course you need to double that if you have two cars. Still 110.00 a month may, just may, still be less than what you pay for gas, but what about the cost of the charging station you will have to have installed in your home? More importantly, since my figures were based on an average price of 14 cents per KWh, would any of you Libs like to move to the head of the class and tell us what is going to happen to the price of electricity when your utility company is suddenly hit with thousands of EVs suddenly being plugged in and demanding more power from the grid? ( assuming the grid can handle the demand) Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? OR, assuming the grid can handle the extra demand, does it occur to you that power companies may realize that since they are a monopoly in a given area, they may just dramatically raise rate’s simply because they can. But of course they will claim it’s just to cover the upgrade and maintenance of the grid improvements they had to make to accommodate the increased demand. And again, if the purpose of EVs is to reduce emissions in the US, isn’t any reduction in individual car emissions going to be largely offset by the increase in emissions from the utility companies that are producing much more. And finally, has any of your exalted genius leaders told you what would happen in an extended mass power outage situation? Maybe a tornado or hurricane takes out power for weeks. Guess we’re all stuck at home huh because we can’t charge our cars…

And how about traveling? How long does it take to charge an EV? That will make stopping at charging stations fun! Pull in behind 6 cars and wait till all 6 are fully charged before it’s your turn. Fun times! Maybe you and the family could get a game of travel monopoly in or watch a movie while you wait your turn. Hope you’re not in a hurry to get to that wedding or funeral or graduation.

Yep. Green energy is just pure genius. We need to have it jammed down our throats and punished if we don’t immediately buy into this crap and voluntarily and cheerfully destroy our personal finances to adopt this crap before any natural progression happens that would make it affordable and practical. But then force is the tool of Authoritarian Libs. We will conform OR ELSE!

This same arrogance cost Marie Antoinette her head, but I’m guessing Libs will learn nothing from that, and double down on every stupid thing theyre doing simply to gain yet more power for themselves.

This, and every other idiotic thing you’re doing is going to backfire on you in November and cost you dearly. You’ve been warned…


So apparently trends do go in full circle. Here is an article about a baker electric car from 1917. Based on the arricle there were more steam abd electric cars than gas powered cars, during that time.

Every green energy initiative is designed to punish the American public; they’re deliberately targeted to lower our standard of living. When someone shows me a legislative proposal that doesn’t increase the power of the Democratic Party, I might actually start to believe that climate change is a legitimate threat.


Well said! stated clearly

I would guess it’s not Tesla’s they want us to buy,

Isn’t there a Hunter model?

Let them drive Teslas sounds a little bit like the famous quote from Marie Antoinette doesn’t it?

“Let them eat cake”.


Never drove a Tesla before have you? You should Do a little research.

I just drove my Tesla from Los Angeles to Nashville and it cost me… $0. Never had to wait to charge anywhere. Most charging stations had nobody there.

If these guys had stopped with “Stabenow’s statement was incredibly tone deaf” (it was) there would have been no problem with this thread.

But they can’t help themselves in going off the deep end to concoct ridiculously logically flawed stories to bash anything that isn’t gasoline powered.


I agree.

Telling (or insinuating) that Teslas are the answer is tone deaf. They are still very expensive and not for every situation (I would own one with an apartment or in the cold, for example).

However the remainder of his post tells me he knows nothing about what it is like to own a Tesla and should just ask questions before making silly, ignorant statements

Nor will i. I dont want to wait the time to charge it which i see is about 15 minutes at a supercharging station. For a range of what? About 200 miles?
At that pace it will take about 10 stops on your trip

Since 95% or so of trips in a vehicle are well within the range of a typical battery charge, this is not the biggest deal in the world.

People I know who take long trips with EVs? Yeah there’s a little extra planning involved but if you’re smart, maybe you add an extra hour or so to your trip.

And battery charging is getting better all the time.

The error in this post (as was the error in the OP) is assuming tomorrow’s EV ownership rates with today’s limits.

That’s not how it’s gonna go down.

Easy fix - make electric cars that are as good as ICE vehicles.

Until then, they’re simply not as good.



14 stops…but I also had 700lbs of additional weight (family of 4 plus 7 bags) also had the kids plugged into the 12v or USB charging their devices the entire way.

Averaged about 80mph the whole way at about 70% efficiency (210 miles). If it was just me with 500 less extra pounds… I could easily get 90% (290miles).

So in my situation the stops were necessary. It’s amazing how often my wife and kids have to pee. So the extra stops didn’t bother. Plus almost every stop was next to some sightseeing. (Along 40 East/Route 66).

For the short trips that are 95% of all trips?

EVs ARE better than ICE vehicles.

Limitations now are of course charging infrastructure for those that don’t own homes.

PS to the original poster…my home “charging station” cost $300.

But pretty much only Tesla chargers are reliable, the rest are broken more often than not.

Meh. The problems with CCS and/or Chademo chargers are overblown. They exist, but they are not as bad as made out.

The real limitations are there aren’t enough of them. Tesla superchargers are everywhere…that’s the advantage they have.

That and speed (although 800 V EVs like the Ioniq are coming out…and in the next couple of years, those will be affordable).

Oh and this is where the EU with its pesky “government regulations” is one up on us, even though we have more EVs per capita.

They required a single standard of charger, so any EV there can use any station…even a Tesla station.

EV’s can’t even run a heater/AC on full blast for 24 hours straight. Who are you trying to bull ■■■■ ?

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For the daily work commute they are already superior to ICE vehicles as long as you charge them at home.

You basically treat them like a cell phone. You leave the house every morning with a full charge. If an emergency happens you have the miles to go anywhere within the car’s range, say a family member 150 miles away is in a car wreck and you go to the hospital they are at.

For long trips, that’s where the problems arise. The only current EV I would take a long trip in are the Teslas because the Supercharger network is by far the best developed. There’s usually one every 100 miles or so off of interstates now. Even in my country state they’re plentiful.

Which sucks to be honest, because there are way more desirable EVs than Teslas. Hyundai has this awesome little EV they released recently. It looks like a classic 80s hatchback, even has the rad bar styled tail lights that you saw on Nissans back in the 80s. And has the quad style headlights that were plentiful on stuff on Camaros and RWD Corollas from that time period.

If only it could use the Tesla charging network it would be the perfect car for me. But alas it does not. So I wouldn’t trust it to drive across country.

Being subjectively better in one area and sucking in the rest means it’s not as good. Simple as that.

Not all charging stations work on all EV’s? All gas pumps sure do work on my vehicle.


I had the opportunity to spend some time driving a Tesla a few weeks sgo and I loved it.

As someone who works from home and does mainly city driving I am definitely interested in buying one. I have been crunching the numbers and While its not cheap I am surprised its less than i expected.

Of course this tech is far from perfect but as electric vehicles become more common there will be far more $$ invested in R&D which will result in the improvements we need to see. This in turn will drive the price down and result in more sales and so the cycle continues.

The EU just mandated every chargeable electronic device have a usb-c port. Which is dopey considering such devices are moving away from plug in charging to wireless charging.