Legalization could happen as soon as September

With the bill in its final phases before becoming law we could see legalization nation wide as early s September this year how will this effect U.S/CAN relation we know Session is very tough on drugs.

OTTAWA – The federal point-man on pot, Bill Blair, says that if the legislation to legalize marijuana passes by the end of the week, the government will eye a September date to implement the new regime.

“Upon Royal Assent a decision will be made by the government as to a date of implementation,” Blair said in an interview on CTV’s Question Period. “We’re probably looking at a date of implementation somewhere towards the beginning of September, perhaps mid-September.”

Well done. See you for Halloween.

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If Trump gets marijuana legalized, I don’t see how he can lose come 2020.

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The phrase ““Upon Royal Assent” suggests that this is a story from Canada, no connection to Trump.

It’s becoming clear that Canada is to Minnesota as Minnesota is to the rest of the US when it comes to being sensible.

That won’t happen.

You don’t believe Republicans could legalize marijuana, or you don’t believe D.T. will be reelected in 2020?

not with Session as AG he is already working on cracking down on states that have legalized it.

Didn’t see that. Opps.

Republicans will not legalize (lol) and trump will not be reelected. Buck up , cali repub!

You never know. The world is crazy right now. Anything could happen.

Naw. You’ve gone too end of times. I don’t blame you though because you’re a rational Republican.

I just don’t see how things are going to get better. Trump-style politics is becoming normalized. How do we regain sanity when this kind of rejection of the truth is widely accepted and shown to be an effective mechanism for political gain?

Sure they will. Trust me in that they’re looking to take away the issue away from Democrats.

It’s not being normalized, my sane Republican friend. Do not despair. I promise. Sanity will return. Be positive with me. :slight_smile:

Nope they won’t. They can’t.

What’s Trump’s approval rating among Republican voters?

Oh snap! 90%???

■■■■ son. That’s higher than i thought it would be.

Maybe there has to be fewer Republican voters, my friend. I have to be positive.

There is no Republican party anymore. There is only the Trump party. Rational Republicans can either vote Democrat or vote 3rd party. The Republican party is diseased.

So long as anti-intellectualism is linked to populism/partisanship and it gets rewarded by the electorate, we don’t.