Legalization could happen as soon as September

They will and are. They’ve calculated the odds and the other issues are important enough to their base that support for legalization isn’t going to lose them. It’s what’s going to keep the swing states red in 2020.

I don’t think this will last. I really don’t.

Here’s to hope, i guess.

I just don’t see how we get back to normal when this is shown to be an effective method to shape popular opinion.

I can’t believe that Republicans are going to vote for weed legalization. Nope. Never. Not with Jefferson there.

Good, can we send you all of our potheads and illegals now?

We will get back to normal. Every one will crave it. :slight_smile:

Except the people who are benefiting from this chaos.

I’m with you that this is the new normal.

There are not enough of them.

It’s not. I promise.

Three words: Federal Tax Revenue

Nope. They’re still Republicans.

….and you can take that to the bank…right Nancy?

I’m all for legalization. You have been lied to.