Leftist Political Rally Tonight!


you can try and recover from this but you cant.

i didnt say he said it. he was willing to be associated with that title.

this would be death for anyone on the non-left today and you know it

and he’s hardly in my face. lol


please try to contribute something worthwhile


Your arrogance in responding is underwhelming. Your deflections are epic.

Did you read the piece?


there is no arrogance

yes i read his meandering anti-white ramblings

doesnt matter the title sums it up


Titles mean so much in the broad scheme of USA today readers.


Spike Lee Loves all whites. He’s not Racist at all. :wink:


did you read the piece?


Cool, 23 days later. Good response!


Thank you!

But did you read the piece?


Twice 24 days ago. Could care less about it now.


so you didn’t read it. That’s good to know.


Any one that doesn’t think the way that the Liberal Socialist Politicians do are
automatically Racists, or Sexists, or phobics, or ists, or Automatically discriminatory
against something or some group. lol.

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