Leftist Political Rally Tonight!


Some refer to it as the “Oscars.”

Yes i know another tv/celebrity award show related thread from a thinkingman. How obsessive of me to point out how obsessive movie stars are about how much they love climate change cultism and how much they (now) hate trump.

I for one wont be watching. but i am looking forward to hearing all the colossal wisdom from…
sorry who’s in movies nowadays?

i guess i’ll find out tomorrow.

the point of this thread is to discuss what you think the oscars will be doing to change the world politically.

The Hill puts it at 5 possible moments.

good old fashioned trump bashing? jeremiads agains the “immoral” border? Economy ruining Green new deals?” Accolades for legislation allowing infanticide? good heavens i hope not.

personally i bet we hear some of the more clueless gems come out in support of Smollett still.

talk about a lifetime performance huh? kinda of a long shot, but when i bet i make it count

what do you think?


You might be looking into an award show a little too deeply.


I doubt there will be any Smollett support.


Easy enough.

Don’t watch.

I am not going to watch it either

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Is it that time of year already? It seems like only yesterday…


how so?


It seems their early this year.


seems like they do come around don’t they?


well we’ll see.

like i said, long shot. he’s pretty well exposed.

but these people are crazy.

never know…


Best picture goes to artificial buttered popcorn


Americans exercising their 1st Amendment rights of free speech is just so annoying!


i’m firmly in the group that thinks award shows are always boring. I try to watch them from time to time, but it always gets back to " i haven’t seen this movie, i don’t care who wins" or “i have seen this movie, i still don’t care if it wins”

It is humorous that trump supporters don’t like hollywood or people that give uninformed opinions about politics everywhere they go. I mean…come on.


Who the hell watches award shows? A group of people who get together and award themselves based on their own perception of their work. That would be like me doing my yearly performance evaluation and giving myself a 10% raise.

Far be it for them to give awards based on the only metric that really matters which is how many people and how much money did consumers spend on what they put out.

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…and me, I’m flyin n my taxi…:sunglasses:


The “Oscars” directly will not be doing anything to change the world politically. The majority of actors on the other hand might be spending a large amount of money to insure that this president will no longer reside in D.C. in a couple of years.
Always fun to have folks post these pre-broadcast notes. And so much fun to watch how you all defend this idiot.


The Last Kingdom should win an oscar…golden globe…whatever. Now that’s a show.


sometimes it is!


Maybe you should watch before you bash the show. It’s been a wonderful show so far. But don’t let the facts get in the way huh?

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OP did the same thread last year.


who said it wasnt going to be “wonderful?”