Leftist Political Rally Tonight!


Because Trump himself is so negative.

You really should read what that report actually says. It considers any story that portrays Trump as negative counts. That means if he tweets an insult to someone, and Fox or CNN reports it, then it’s considered “negative.”

Trump is a largely more negative president than ALL of his predecessors. That’s what that 93% number shows.


I asked you. You asked someone to give examples of hate at Trump rallies-so I would like to attempt to answer and have a discussion, but in order to do so, we need to determine what qualifies as “hate.” Don’t you agree that is pretty reasonable?


Owe, I thought it may have been a ralley for people who attack
people who wear MAGA hats or something, but Hollywood is the same thing.


i think we’re discussing just fine

i just wont be led to defend against leftist narratives


exactly. they have money and fame so they go political

well i go critical of their idiocy

like say, the outrageous idiocy of Alyssa milano who makes Hollywood idiots look even stupider

trump has money and fame from being a successful businessman with a message going all the back to the 80’s at least. not from playing a skank on a stupid soft porn tv show.


this is ridiculous

if i ask for examples of the hate at these rallies the media and left talk about, it’s not up to me to define the “hate”

that’s precisely what i’m asking for examples of

what a cop out


I was giving YOU the opportunity set the narrative by defining “hate.” Nice attempt at a deflection to “leftism” but that wasn’t very fair of you.

I’m trying to get YOU to help define the parameters of the discussion. Define what YOU consider hate so those of us here can potentially provide examples of such from the Trump camp.


Ummm…Rudy Giuliani may not agree with you here…

Or do you not remember that time Trump groped a cross-dressing Rudy?

So why does rich film celebrity opinion bother you so much, but not the opinion of rich elites like Trump? Why is Trump allowed his opinion because of his celebrity but not the actors?

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I’m trying to have an honest, rational discussion with you, but all I’m getting is weak attempts at you to NOT have that discussion. I think we both know why.

I want to know example of things YOU would consider to be “hate.” It’s impossible to have a discussion if we don’t come to an understanding of WHAT we’re discussing.

Yes, you refusing to discuss this in good faith is most definitely a cop out. I agree.


i hear a lot that trump is racist.

acc to your approach if i asked for an example i have to define “racism”

just wanted you and everyone to see how stupid that sounds


i was agreeing with trump’s policies and opinions on politics way before this

i dont care about silly antics


Sone people are really obsessed with Hollywood.


That would be a perfectly reasonable request from you. If we don’t discuss what qualifies as racism before we have the discussion, then we’re going to spend post after post arguing over what racism is in the first place.

For example, I may find “refusing to rent properties to black folks” to be racist. You may not find that to be racist. So in order to make sure we wouldn’t waste each others’ time arguing over WHAT is racist, we would need to have a good understanding of what exactly we’re discussing.

So let’s be reasonable adults here and have an honest, fair, good faith discussion, and hash out exactly what we’re talking about when discussing “hate” in terms of whether “hate” comes from the Trump camp, especially at his rallies.


Hey, good news! You finally admitted that it’s OK for some rich elites to use their influence to peddle issues that they believe in…as long as you agree with them on those issues!

Before “this,” Trump was a pretty ardent NY liberal elite. He did things like hold pro-choice fundraisers. Then, around 2011, he started considering a presidential run and starting carrying R water and repeating R rhetoric. It’s hard to know exactly which of Trump’s “policies and opinions” you were on board with exactly. They are ever-changing.


Tell me…how racist is he? I watched his speech…did you even watch the show at all?

I didn’t see anything racist about it. Maybe activist…but not much racist.


We are talking about people who think racism would preclude one from being sexually attracted to a black person. Good luck.


oh i dunno how about “spike lee hates your x y”

where x is a term for a white snack thin
and y is “ass”

cover article for Esqiure where spike less was interviewed.

now just imagine if say, our president was featured in an article with that kind of title, but not in reference to a derogatory racist term for white people but a minority instead


That makes him a racist…who is your in your x y scenario. I’m quite sure he doesn’t hate me. He doesn’t even know me.


Did you read the 1992 article? 1992…

The Article says a lot of things…but he never says I hate your white cracker Ass?

This is an article titled by the author not based on Spike Lee saying it…but by a basic feeling he has regarding the basic unfairness of treatment of black people.

Lets face it. spike lee is real and in your face. He uses his craft, and his words to make everyone think about race.

Again did you read the piece???


Please think harder.