Least favorite state map

I couldn’t help noticing that all Western States hate California…I wonder why.

California hates Texas…I guess that’s because Texas won’t roll over for em.

And New Jersey hate all other states…elitist attitude.


I’m sure it has nothing to do with jersey being the butt of jokes from every other state, nope turn it into your own partisan bitterness.

Well those coastal snob just might deserve that reputation…just like California.

Why do New Mexico and Oklahoma hate Texas, they’re right next door.

Further proof that Real Americans hate Komma-nyst Kalifornia and their lib ways. Take your medicine, moonbeam coastal elitists - America wants no more of your lib nonsense and that’s why you must never ever regain power because your vengeance on us would be swift and terrible.

Awesome, insightful thread. Well done.

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This should not be in politics. This was an unscientific question asked by some influencer on Instagram, a guy who Instagrams humor.

My guess political influence…or they just don’t like Texas longhorns and Dallas Cowboys. :wink:

My guess Texas and Oklahoma have more to do with football rivalries than anything.
Probably some others are like that.

California? That may have something to do with people fleeing to those states or wealthy Californians buying up land.

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“According to @mattsurelees’s Instagram followers”.

Why is this random clickbait nonsense in politics?


This guy clearly knows about libs and their lib ways.

Not as much as me, of course - I’ve studied them for years and there is nothing they can do that I haven’t already predicted.


Anyway, the haters of CA in the west are just mad their wagons broke down in the desert or in the rockies :rofl:


I like that Alaska is like, yeah right Texas, you think you are rugged but you are just a bunch of rhinestone cowboy wannabes.

I’ve heard some of these effete coastal snobs will actually refuse work from people if their political beliefs don’t align with theirs. Those types are pretty hard to take for sure. Insufferably elitist, and they probably think they’re not.


Not sure about them, but they say that Oklahoma is the windiest state because Kansas sucks and Texas blows.


Am I reading this highly scientific study correctly when I see that Florida is the only state that hates itself? :rofl:


I hate Texas. That’s why I live in austin instead of Texas


I’m sure you do.

Oh damn…even better picture.