Least favorite state map

Apparently Florida hates Florida the most.

I can tell you living in a suburb outside of Seattle the hatred for Californians is real and it doesn’t matter that I live in a liberal city, they blame Californians in part for the rocketing house prices. The hatred is worse in Portland, Boise, and Denver.

I could care less but I would advise changing your California license plates and if someone asks were your from pick any other state and things will be fine.

Nah, I am proud, family came here almost two centuries ago.


… Hey

Enough beer and you might want to see the rest of her tattoo.


Forward facing stamp - classy!

I live in a suburb of Denver, and I don’t see much hatred for CA. There’s a lot of dislike about how many people move here, but they are from all over the country, not just CA.

You have answered your own question. :wink:

There are a lot of people from California moving to Arizona here.

Alaska doesn’t hate Texas. But they have been the butt of our jokes since the advent of our Statehood knocked them completely off their “we’re the biggest” pedestal. We keep threatening to divide into two states and make them number 3. :wink:

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Yeah, but then most Floridians come from New York City, right?

Four fillies. :blush:

There are a lot of Californians moving to every western State except perhaps Alaska. They get fed up with what liberalism has created in California, chose to move to get away from it, and then inadvertently carry that disease with them thus infecting their new home. That is exactly why you see the colors you do on the map.

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Only about 36% of Floridians are native born and raised.

It was that way when I grew up there and I left WA in the early 80’s.

We get plenty of those types here in Worcester County, Massachusetts.

The guys behind the counter at a seasonal outdoor restaurant spent at least a half an hour kvetching about a young woman customer who was 2/3 naked & showing her tatts.

I came here around 10 years ago out of college from Nashville to work in IT. I will probably go back one day as Nashville is ramping up and I miss the family, and the people in general. Also the big plus of being able to sell now while the market is ridiculously high is always on my mind.

I have a love/hate relationship with Washington.

Meghan McCain again?

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