Leaked photos of the Biden camps. It's worse than you could imagine

This is why Biden has banned Reporters from being anywhere near these camps. It’s horrifying. Who should be held accountable? And what should be done with them? Everybody knew this was coming. Everybody except the American left. Somehow they’ve been caught off guard.

Leaked Photos Reveal Biden’s Detention Cells for Migrant Children on Border (breitbart.com)


Silence by our lib posters is deafening.

  1. J’Biden and his monkey handlers are responsible, they’re the ones that decided to scrap border controls that were working.
  2. Other than getting them dependent on the goobermint and registered to vote, what else could the dumb ■■■■■ in charge have planned for them?

They need to fix this as quickly as possible for it is a black stain upon the administration.


Border controls were not working. Illegal immigration did not go down under Trump. Just as many crossed as under Obama.

Um hmmmm. Yum, yum, yum…burp. Orange man baaa, baaa, baaad.


We knew tds would show up.

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How many can you take in? 100?

False argument

Why didn’t O’Keefe try to take these photos during the Trump administration?

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We know why he didn’t.

That though doesn’t excuse the Biden Administration’s failure to get control of this situation.

Oh I agree. Just wanted to make sure people understand what type of partisan scum bag O’Keefe is.


So now showing lib hypocrisy is called bias. :ok_hand:

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Huh? If O’Keefe gave an actual ■■■■ about those kids he wouldn’t have waited for a Dem President to get those photos.

So the photos released showing how bkden treats illegals and its the reporters fault. :rofl:

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Trump wasn’t the one that was claiming their is no crisis.

How dare he…

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Because we live in a time of extreme political polarization, we are the only county that made a virus a political issue. Are the pictures real is the more pertinent question.

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Good reply. I respect honesty.