Lawyer for MAGAbomber's family: 'He found a father in Trump'

Well, that’s a heck of a thing for the lawyer of the family to say about our president. A father? Did this terrorist think he was protecting his father figure?

Words affect people. Votes do too. I’m hoping Americans will vote us out of this terrible era.


It’s a good thing Trump is condemning his actions. We jail our political opposition in this country. We don’t kill them.


Maybe you could prop some corpses up at the polls, if you are going to use dead bodies to drum up votes you may as well go all in.


Would be more respectable to use warm bodies to drum up votes? Like the invader caravan coming across our border?

Seems like a legitimate political issue to me.

It’s legitimate to misrepresent them as an “invasion”?

Maybe we should just ignore what has happened and not let anyone talk about it until after the election? Or maybe never?

People being murdered and presidents being attempted to be assassinated is great reason to go to the polls. But I guess if you’re a con that only cares about $$$ and Mexicans, then dead people are just part of the news cycle

Yes, a great reason to vote. We have to vote our way out of this darkness.

Dead people are only a good reason to vote if it’s due to an illegal immigrant Mexican or a Muslim with a funny name

Or diseases

I’m just glad the MAGAbomber is off the streets. Hopefully this doesn’t result in copycat MAGAbombers.

I understand that was the reasoning of the scumbag who shot up the synagogue.

The lawyer is looking for someone to blame… that’s all. But some libs will use it as an excuse to say …

“Words affect people. Votes do too. I’m hoping Americans will vote us out of this terrible era.”

Trump is the father figure for the deplorables. Sounds about right.

Sounds better than messiah.

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Don’t believe the MAGAbomber’s family? The mother, father and siblings?

They probably don’t know him very well.

Aww, a father in Trump. That’s so sweet.

well the mother is a registered democrat who had been a delegate at the national convention so…can we really believe her?

Of course Trump cannot make an emotionally balanced, law abiding citizen create a felony.

But that was never our worry; it was always his influence on those not stable. They’re out there and they listen.

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