Lauren Boebert Vents on Floor

For fans and friends. She lets it loose on floor. Don’t blame her.

have a cigarette handy for afterward.

Trivial Pursuits ?

it!s not meant to be a very serious thread

save that for how democrats are running the country

thanks for posting

she was defending Gosar who was just censured

tbh tho, he totally asked for it

Or just could have just not hit enter when uploading a video depicting him killing a fellow congresswoman.

Stupid actions have consequences

the video doesnt explicitly actually show that but i understand it’s easy to make that narrative. he should have realized.

for republicans they sure do.

It doesn’t have to explicitly show something to actually be that thing.

It was what was in the video.

He could have not been a ■■■■■■■ child about it… maybe apologized… realized that it was offensive and maybe actually learn something.

But he is incapable of such things.

This is a direct response to his stupidity.

If a Democrat did something like this… use a fellow congressperson as an avatar to receive violence…. I would have no problem calling them out

well sure in the land of lefty narratives reality is what you say it is. we’re very aware of this

the video was bizarre and unwatchable. explicitly killing a bimbo rep in it tho? no not there

not sure i disagree much with this part

glad to hear it.

there would be no censure tho. trust me.

it’d be in the news for a microsecond.

interesting pivot to biden’s bumbling ineptness and left-ling nitwit aoc

She said those things on the House floor; feels like it could be in Politics.

That shipped sailed with 45’…They all learned if they put that stuff out there, its good for donations and airtime.

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maybe. but trying to keep it light

i mean, wasnt she impressive?

Very much so

i have the internet

do you have a point?

see! i thought so too.

i might be in love.

she might be the next to get censured tho. careful hun. It’s woke out there

She’s eligible to run for President next year

Yea…You should try using it before you post things that are easily proven wrong.