Lauren Boebert Vents on Floor

oh she knows better than to do that

ok well i’ll keep that in mind in case it ever happens

in the meantime you keep up all the copyin and a pastin without comment. you look soooo smart.

It would absolutely be grounds for censure.

And if it wasn’t, I would talk about Democrats being hypocritical

It was.

And the fact that you would call a congresswoman a “bimbo” is telling

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Is this the anime vapors one?

oh yes

their dragon du jour to slay

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yes “telling” that she is an idiot

what can ya do.

“the jihad squad member from minnesota…”

haha. love it

hey gotta love someone in govt sees what these anti-American lunatics are about.

I have no doubt that once the Republicans take the House there will be at least one Democratic who get censured. She is my odds on favorite.