Latest Fox News Poll - Bad News For Trump

A recently released Fox News Poll is not favorable to the President -

  • The economy is the only area where a majority of people approve of the job he is doing

  • On border security, immigration, and (especially) healthcare a majority of people disapprove of the job he is doing

  • 52% say that President Trump always or often puts his personal business interests ahead of the interests of the American people

  • 52% say he will not be re-elected

  • Only 30% will definitely vote for Trump in 2020

  • 47% will definitely vote for someone else in 2020

  • 56% approve of Robert Mueller’s investigation

  • 48% think the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election (vs. 37% who think it did not)

  • 44% think the people who pleaded guilty during Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation committed serious crimes

  • 21% think they committed minor crimes

  • 7% think they committed none at all

When Fox News turns, we’re in the end game.

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If Rasmussen turns, we’re definitely in the end game.

Wow, that is very bad news considering the audience. Just wow…

Who can count on polls. Hilary was supposed to be president! Am I doing this right?

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Fake polls!

You’ve really got to drill down into the politics site to find that info. Main page only has poll info about Pelosi and McConnell. Weird.

Those two gotta hurt those supporters of individual 1!

Not bad :slight_smile:

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And next year, it can only get worse.

I read a tweet, article, or forumer observation predicting that Trump’s approval ratings this week are the highest they will be for the rest of his presidency.

The more I thought about it, the truer it sounded.

When blubber is burning, you can smell it for miles.

99% of the national, local media is against trump, news papers, face book twitter, google …
can you imagine if they reported the news wow

Reporting the news=


They are reporting the news, his complete and utter lies.

Try looking up Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

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Like you can keep your doctor? 6,000 blacks killed under Obama in Chicago, worst economic recover ever… yea report the news

What’s that got to do with anything?

Take your time reread it

Obama was a 2 term president, Trump won’t be.

They won’t. They had R+1 in the generic House ballot the day of the midterms, around 10 points off.