Las Vegas shooting

hi all I was wondering what happened in Las Vegas last year 58 dead and we still know nothing??? why did this incident evaporate soooo fast. what do you think they are covering up?

I think they know far more then what they are telling.

I mean they are FBI. :wink:

What are you expecting to hear? We know who did it. IIRC, he didn’t leave a “manifesto” behind to explain his motivations as a religious or political agenda.

If you’re curious, you can read a summary of the guy’s autopsy here, including their reports on his brain structure:

“Not claiming that I know more about the perpetrator’s motives… [but] the potential causal connection between Mr. Paddock’s abnormal medial temporal lobe lesion and his outrageously abnormal aggressive behavior is the only promising explanation to date,” said Dr. Jeff Victoroff, a professor of neurology and psychiatry at the University of Southern California who is an expert on trauma, human aggression and terrorism.”

Investigators should know whether there were really multiple shooters. If gunshots reached locations that are not compatible with Paddock’s hotel rooms, then there had to be a second shooter. If all the recovered bullets and sound recordings are consistent with the shots all coming from the Paddock, then there is no reason to believe there is a second shooter.

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Unless something has changed neither the fbi nor NV/LVPD never found any evidence of a 2nd Shooter or anyone directly aiding Paddock unless of course you want to include the bellboys who unwittingly helped him get all of his gear up to the room.

I still believe though from all of the planning, methods used etc he got some pretty extensive training somewhere prior to the attack but we just may never know. It appears from what I’ve seen/heard/read that he left little or no electronic or paper trails to follow.

I also can’t find that they ever established any sort of terrorist motive on Paddock’s part.

Good question. It all seems very strange as we still have very little information.

Joanne there may simply be no more information to be had.

As frustrating as it can be sometimes there just really isn’t anything more that can be said because nothing new has been or could be learned.

Paddock seems to have left little or no trail, no manifesto, no computer, phone, internet records of contacts with others orchestrating a conspiracy etc.

I believe there’s more to this but without a trail to follow or witnesses popping up out of no where there just may not be anything else out there to lead them to any new information.

Maybe not, but it seems to be unprecedented. Generally mass killers leave a trail somewhere, even if it’s internet searches or other things found on a computer, or something.

I haven’t followed up on it but recently I heard something about a brain lesion being discovered during his autopsy in an area of the brain that would affect reasoning and cause paranoid delusions and violent behavior.

If that true it would make a lot of sense because there simply doesn’t seem to be any traditional reason for his actions.

The truth is we can really never know exactly what is going through someone’s head at any given time or know for sure what makes people act out in various ways.

With a mass tragedy like this we want to find answers that make sense because the idea that an otherwise perfectly normal person can just go off like this killing dozens and injuring hundreds of people for no apparent reason we have to accept that none of us are ever really safe no matter where we go. That scares the hell out of people.

Hmm, I’m more curious as to why the ISIS connection has been kept quiet for so long.

I’m not saying there is one. I don’t know anything about the Baltimore whatever it is.

Some stuff is starting to trickle out.

Well the article points it out, that’s why I mentioned it.

This shooting never made a lick of sense without a terrorism component.

Is that even a connection when it’s that obscure? The wifes daughters facebook had one friend/follower who may have been an ISIS follower is quite a few degrees of separation.

Actually it’s a friend/partner of the daughter who has that follower, another degree of separation.

And considering the nature of the crime the terrorism angle should be fully explored.

If the security guard Campos got shot at 9:59 and radioed that shots had been fired, what took so long for the response? What did Campos do during this time?

I’d say the extent of his training came from movies, tv, and studying up on previous mass shooters. Dude was also retired so he had all kinds of time to come up with his plan.

There’s a lot of crap on the internet.

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