Largest Monthly may Deficit Since 2009..$1trillion deficits on the way

Trump sure knows how to break the trends. Spending increased about 6% with revenue up a little over 2% on track for $1trillion deficits at full employment. Oh GOP you are something else

Just be patient, wait until the Trump Trade War begins in earnest, then revenues will soar. Or something.

Oh man, here come the massive Tea Party rallies!!


the nonstop Fox news coverage will be a welcome respite from Clinton stories.

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Nobody in D.C. cares. I mean literally nobody. It depends on who is in charge. When the dems are in charge and running up the debt all of their supporters are silent. When the R’s are in charge and running up the debt all of their supporters are silent. So seriously, either we care or we don’t. Picking and choosing when to care is idiotic. I stopped caring when I caught on to this stupid scheme that both parties play. Why bother? None of your politicians give a rats ass unless they can use it as a weapon.

So you dont care about the deficits?

very nice, you even found a picture where all of the signs use correct spelling

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Translated: “Democrats are actually a lot better at governance and running a budget than Republicans based on verifiable history, so I’m just gonna piss on the whole idea and pretend they’re both just as bad because I’m not a Republican, at all. Serious. I’m not. Stop laughing at me”.


There is more to it than that you know. Like context. Like when you’re in the middle of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression trillion dollar deficits can make a kind of sense. Now they don’t at all. It’s not the same thing.


I do care in my heart. But I recognize the futility of getting either political party to care until the other party is in charge. If I tell myself not to care, it’s less frustrating. Neither party could get more hypocritical on this issue.

Translation" I don’t need any translation. I mean what I say. I did not say what you have me quoted as saying. Your arrogance is only surpassed by your ignorance. The democrats suck at the national debt, they run it up every chance they get. Republicans suck at national debt, they run it up every chance they get. Live in whatever fantasy world you choose. I will stay here. In reality.

The solution of course is to cut taxes more to increase the amount the government collects…

This is a punt. The previous administration had trillion plus deficits handed to it along with a massive recession. After 8 years of getting that under control and having to listen to insufferable Tea Party idiots that deficit was cut by more than half.

To date the only significant legislation passed by Republicans e oldies the deficit back to over a trillion dollars. Nobody is buying your “both sides are just as bad” routine, not when the GOP is demonstrably worse.


May 2009.

The Republicans have been able to match the deficit of an economy in a recession while having sustained growth and full employment.



You’re not fooling anybody. You’re a hardcore Republican. You try and do the “throw your hands up in the air because both sides are just as bad” when Republicans are terrible at running a budget.

And I’m sure the Democrats have been cooperating to pass legislation which will lower federal expenditures.

I’m not giving the Republicans a break either, they have not been very helpful in proposing legislation to cut government spending.

This is the Democrats fault for not enacting a Repubican agenda.

The stock market is the only true indicator or something *and then only when it’s doing good.

I wonder what the deficit would be if nothing were changed in spending or taxes?

One helluva lot less. Damn Democrats! Probably need to cut taxes some more to make tax revenues go up.