Large german firm: no further investments in the US with trump in power

Personally, I don’t intend to be influenced by either German companies nor Russian hackers.

Cool story.

Seems like they did to me.


“I said, we’ll wait and see if President Trump is re-elected in four years,” he told the paper. “Würth returns when he goes.”

Looks like a pretty clear attempt to sway American voters to me.

Not to me. The preceeding sentance:

Würth said his reticence about further investment was based on the “general, uncertain political situation”

You don’t know what Trump is going to do tomorrow and rou’re American.

Seems like the Kraut is almost going out of his way to not be rude to the citizens of America by describing the current political climate as “general, uncertain political situation”. That’s putting it quiet nicely in fact.

I’d have called it completely fubar.

If he isn’t trying to sway American voters, there is no reason to publicly opine about it. Fortune apparently understood his motive, hence their title for the article, he is applying economic pressure, to sway American voters.

Sure there is.

I won’t ever use a certain local mechanic. Whenever anyone talks about mechanics, I’m sure to say “where you don’t wanna go, is don’t go here, because da da ta da…”

and no chance they’re trying sway the American President? trying to sway voters against him by punishing them economically. Who is he punishing? Americans or Trump?

Well that was stupid on their part.

Buy US steel tomorrow.

Who said punish besides you?

Maybe. It’s stupid for some people to miss out on Chick-fil-a. That’s a decent chicken sandwich.
It’s stupid for people to people to protest the NFL because of kneeling. That’s a respectable protest.

Free market will balance it all out in the end.

I refer you to the title of the article.

I refer you to your history of knowing the difference between a quote, a writers story, and an editor’s headline.

Germany’s Billionaire ‘Screw King’ Tightens the Screws on the U.S.: No More Investment Until Trump Goes

I blame Matt Drudge for the past decade of ■■■■ headlines.

Lol, I just read this lil story again and realized I missed the operative word in this sentence:

“We make 14% of our annual sales there—€1.8 billion [$2.1 billion]—but I do not want to increase our engagement in America any further,”


He’s 83, earned his mint and his opinions and still has the ability to direct his company not to increase investments somewhere he don’t want to for whatever reason. God love him.

Lord know what opinions Trump will be sharing with us at 83.

Lame…even for you

Reinhold Würth, popularly known in Germany as the “Screw King,” told the Sunday newspaper Bild am Sonntag that he had “made sure we are no longer investing in the U.S. at the moment.”

Not the first time Donald’s lost that much money in one go to avoid getting screwed.


The only loss is on the part of their company. US companies will gladly produce the screws and keep the profits at home.

Why are you projecting the gullibility of many right wingers onto anybody else?

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Why aren’t they already doing that?