Large german firm: no further investments in the US with trump in power

One of the world’s biggest suppliers of assembly and fastening materials, Germany’s Würth Group, will not invest any more in the United States while President Donald Trump is in power, the patriarch of the Würth family has said

they do 2B a years in business in the US. I cant blame them hwo would want to make further investments with a madman in power

Depends. Can they do business and make money with him in power? So does this mean they are shutting down? Or just not building new things here?

no more investments from a screw company.

I’m gonna cry.

Can’t miss the irony of a German voicing concern over an unstable, egotistical leader.


And Americans should care why? :confused:

Makes sense, Trump is nuts.


gee i dont know,maybe because foreign investments are a good thing for this country… but then i wouldnt expect a trumper to know much about economics

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In capitalism you win some and you lose some. That’s how the real world works. A single Trump hating company in Germany is of no consequence to the American economy.

And your generalization about the stupidity of Trump Supporters will only ensure Trump gets his second term. So by all means Don’t Stop!

Anyone who votes for Trump for that reason is proving that they’re stupid.

Makes sense. They get their impression of Trump through CNN, Washington Post, NYTs. Of course they think he is a dictatorial madman.

Trump voters vote for Trump for a variety of reasons, just as Hillary voters voted for Hillary for a variety of reasons.

Denigrating a Trump supporter will simply harden their resolve and ensure they go to the polls.

If any nationality would understand the dangers…

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Yes, but Patti Davis…

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More likely they get their impression of him from Twitter, and every time he opens his mouth.


What did Trump say on Twitter that would make them think investing in a country with one of the lower corporate tax rates in the industrialized world is a bad thing? He could say any number of bizarre and off-color things that will STILL NOT NEGATE that fact of business.

Is this idiot the sole owner of this company or will he have to answer to stock-holders and investors for this fit of pique?

If it is the latter he is in for a bad few days. People will not like to lose money or opportunity based on one man’s TDS.


Hey, I thought democrats frowned on foreigners getting involved in our elections? Oh right, I keep forgetting, that only applies if they support the wrong side.

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They weren’t involved in the election. They’re just refraining from being involved in the aftermath.

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So, they have no intention of changing anyone’s vote with their action? Why do it then?

Did I miss a quote where they said that was their intention?

Is it our intention to change the vote of Russian’s for Putin with the magnitsky act? Nyet.

I don’t do business with many companies because I think they’re unethical and/or don’t like the owner. I’m sure you do too.