Ladies and Gentleman...this is your new Republican Party

Trump stands back and lets the chant “Send her back” grow …A sad direction he is taking this country.

Like anyone expected anything less.


Let’s just get that out of the way before we have some giant victim fest

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■■■■■■■ disgraceful.

What happened to the Trumpists who in an other thread were telling us that Trump actually meant they should go back to their own districts.


My favorite part was where he lets fly a full-throated ■■■■■■■■■■■ .

This guy is just a lowlife animal, nasty.


Send her back :clap: send her back :clap: send her back :clap: send her back :clap:!!!

I don’t want people here who hate my country and I sure as hell don’t want them in the halls of Congress.

And we need a new Republican Party to fight the new Socialist Democrat Party!

Send her back :clap: send her back :clap: send her back :clap: send her back :clap:!!!

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She’s a citizen. Back to where?

There’s a couple, just over Trump’s right shoulder, who seem to have come to an uncomfortable realization.

What percentage would you estimate?

A sad direction the gang of 4 is taking the country. 4 America haters.


25%? That low?

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Let’s call it a conservative estimate. :wink:


You think that 25% are conservatives?

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You of all people should be able to appreciate a little sardonic humor.

That 25%+ is more than conservatives. As I previously stated. Next question?

Send her back to where?

I do. I really liked it. But if I had said that, I might get accused of something. It was cute though.

But are conservatives included in the 25%?

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Are some Americans conservatives?

This is gonna get harder and harder to defend…these are a group of ■■■■■■■■ ( at the rally) and that’s really about it

They arent trump supporters that’s a fact

Yes, of course.

There are a few of us left.

And I’ll say without hesitation, the Republican party in it’s current iteration sure as hell doesn’t represent us.