Labor Secretary Acosta Resigns

OMG are we going to have another firing before next week?

Sweet Jesus.

It’s like he’s ■■■■■■■ five.

That’s not giving enough credit to 5 year olds.

Fat donald’s on fire.

This Dan Coats?


Roy Moore would be a good pick.

It will most definitely be someone who hurts the actual working republicans on this board.


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Unfortunately he just fills it back up with someone equally horrible.

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Dumpster Donnie brought his own putrid swamp to DC.

OMG I just busted up laughing at that gif.

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This guy.

In his mind, it’s always about the rich and powerful.

“Everyone was happy.”

Yes, he should have been arrogant and angry like Kavenaugh.

One of Trump’s favorite lies. To pretend something was different before but now people are complaining.

Trump loves the hispanics.

He should be in jail.

In an acting position, too.


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Inept and incompetent administration


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Told you Pelosi had the right idea…

To put this into context and compare to previous administrations …

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