Labor Secretary Acosta Resigns

That he created.

We still want to know why Donald Trump rewarded Alex Acosta with a cabinet position.


Yep - I wonder if he gets bonus points for filling up the swamp and then draining it…

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“He made a deal that everyone was happy with. Twelve years later no one is happy”


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They usually tell people to lie, never back down and stonewall.

Acosta will be missed in the Trump Administration. He was doing amazing work. Acosta graduated from Harvard so he was the best of the best. It’s a shame that libs made up fake news in order to get this guy out of office. What they did to him and his career should be illegal. Everybody thought the deal he made with Epstein was a good thing back then. Everybody was happy. Suddenly they’re not happy anymore.


Yep, everyone was happy, including the victims, they were jumping up and down with joy.


At least he not Mexican.


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Consider that in a typical campaign work on identifying the members of the Administration begins as soon as the nomination is likely to be awarded. Once a candidate receives the nomination of a major party, they start to receive federal funding to support this activity. While the Cabinet secretaries are “featured” positions there are about 5000 jobs to fill. Its a big job. When Obama won his first term, his transition team received roughly a million resumes from job seekers.

Trump did not start a transition effort in spring 2016, until Chris Christie proposed he start one up. But in November, the reports are that Jared Kushner dismissed the Christie effort, tossed all the work so far and started over.

The results speak for themselves.


Well, except for the actual child sex slaves that were used by these adult mEn.

I’m positive that all Donald Trump supporters are sympathetic with those girls.

where are my right-wing brethren? Surely they want to weigh in on this.

LOL. Not much they can say. acosta was found out and poof he’s gone.

He even tried a lame defense of his actions which went over like a lead balloon.


Fox news main page has an article about Mueller as the lead. You have to look for the Acosta news.

Always knew that Donald Trump was a huge con man but I didn’t think he was the biggest con man in the country. Now I’m beginning to wonder.

I also knew that he was a horrible administrator. I had no idea he was this bad.

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Actually, the right will be pleased with this. General view was that Acosta was not moving quickly enough in efforts to strip workers of protections. Epstein provides a nice cover for putting someone in who will be more in tune with the administration’s pro-business, anti-populist agenda.

The last nominee had to withdraw for multiple reasons and was replaced by Acosta, who allowed a sweetheart deal for an alleged serial child predator.

Who will Trump come up with next? A serial killer?


And most of his supporters will still be OK with it…5th Ave syndrome.


This “administration” is in complete and utter shambles, and yet somehow half of America is stupid enough to keep voting for these people.


7 freaking months. :rofl:

Fat donald just learned what Article 2 is. :rofl:

Well there were good people on both sides of this case.