LA spends over $800,000 per unit to house the homeless!

You gotta admire these morons in government! How ■■■■■■■ pathetic!


I can only imagine the corruption that is part and parcel of this. A lot of people getting rich off this.

Philosophically I agree with this project, getting a bit tired of covid being used as a convenient excuse to explain away every failure of the past few years.

What is your suggestion?

Umm, spend less


Well according to those on the Left we have ■■■■ loads of jobs available for people with no education, marketable skills and don’t even need to speak English, furthermore these jobs will pay well enough for people not to be a burden on the taxpayers. I’ve been told that’s why we need millions of people showing up at out border. So here’s an idea, why not get these homeless people into all those jobs instead of flooding the labor market with migrants?


The false assumption is people are homeless because they can’t get a job. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ve noticed in some parts of NJ around where I live large townhouse developments going up, the townhomes themselves look to be pretty decent sizes, I believe three bedrooms with a garage. They were asking around $400,000 for those. Being that they are asking $400,000 I would have to assume they cost 1/2 as much to build (It’s not my area so I don’t know the profit margin). So how is it that 3 bedroom - 2 car garage townhomes can be built for under $400,000 yet these morons have to spend over $800,000 to get single bedroom apartments built?

It would be interesting to compare land prices. Since I am from the Bay Area I have been looking at multiple proposals regarding the homeless problem in the Bay Area. And many of the proposals simply throw money at the problem. And each time those proposals have failed.

Damn how do the Chinese build whole ass hospitals in like a week but it costs 800k to fall behind schedule on some units for homeless people

4 walls, a roof, a door, a window, plumbing and electrical conduits outside the walls. Bolt a fire extinguisher to the wall. Come on.

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I have watched the Chinese construct buildings. It is quite interesting to see guys maneuver full wheelbarrows full of concrete, three stories up on bamboo scaffolding held together by old, frayed rope.
I wouldn’t live in one.


If they make one small enough, I’d risk it. Can’t get that hurt if a tiny house collapses on me.

40 floors of tiny apartments on the otherhand…

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Don’t worry. They’re building a boondoggle train to the homeless village too.


What is “the truth”? Your “truth”?

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It’s California…

Even worse, it’s LA. :rofl:


I know the source is good with you

Not one mention of “lack of jobs”.

From your link:

High housing costs and a low stock of affordable housing create a precarious situation, especially for lower-income families and individuals who are at higher risk of becoming homeless.

Sounds like economics to me? As I said before we are constantly told that we need millions of uneducated, unskilled workers who don’t speak English to come work here. We are also told that they will not be an economic burden on the US taxpayers because they are going to work, ostensibly in good paying jobs. So if it’s so easy for all these people to make it in America, then why not Americans?

Employers/Businesses are part of the problem. Anyone that benefits from the labor of illegal immigrants is contributing to the problem.

in reality I am not going to ask a tradesman to provide me proof that all his workers/contractors are legal residents but regardless indirectly I would be contributing to the problem.

How many on both sides of the political divide benefit from this cheap labour? A hell of a lot I bet.

This is just one part of the problem that needs to be addressed but its integral.

Yeah, when you ignore all safety practices, best building practices, etc etc. They also use a great deal of prefabricated components. I wouldn’t even walk around in a high rise there, let alone live in one.

Article title is completely misleading.

From the link:

Most of the units are studios or one-bedroom apartments. The audit found 14% of the units build exceeded $700,000 each, and one project in pre-development is estimated to cost almost $837,000 per unit.

That’s the cost of the unit. It’s a fixed cost that will last for decades.

Certainly expensive, but without know the real estate costs, it’s kind of hard to know how outrageous it is.

also, I’m in the building industry. Building material costs were absolutely insane last year. Better now, but really crazy last year.