LA spends over $800,000 per unit to house the homeless!

Housing affordability and availability

Read your links.

That just makes way too much sense.

How dare you!

“Lack of jobs” or “Desire to work” is not a reason listed for homelessness in that study.

Did you forget what I was responding to?


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That margin estimate is too high IME. More like 25-30%.

And without knowing the land values involved in the LAs property it’s hard to really compare.

But obviously it’s a high number and seems crazy.

Homelessness isn’t about not wanting to work. It’s mostly about mental health and addiction.

It’s about the tax revenues that can be generated.

How does people living in your streets raise tax revenus?

New Home values sir. Try and keep up.

Send them some more migrants from Texas. They are a sanctuary state. They like taking care of homeless. It’s win win.


Government owned properties don’t pay taxes.

True. But new individual homes and properties do. More new homes for sale equals more property tax income. It’s great doncha think? More revenues for the local goobermints to care for homeless and government housing dependency! :wink:

The project we are discussing doesn’t result in the sale of a new home.

Thanks for that insight. I admit I did not consider the cost of the real estate.

Small, small thinking. Tsk, tsk.

Those who want to work know better than to use drugs.

Well, that’s not how addiction works.

You didn’t know what I was responding to… tsk tsk

Yeah, it is.

Or maybe I don"t care.

LA was founded on corruption. It’s probably in their Charter.