Kushner’s New Assignment: Great News for Border Wall Opponents

I’m betting that his construction qualifications are about 1000 times better than Hunter Biden’s Ukrain energy qualifications. Agreed?

It is? How’s ME peace coming? Wasn’t there supposed to be some great peace plan come out in Sept ?
How hard can it be?

Since Jimmy Carter, Who is your favorite Middle East peace bringing politician?

Since Jimmy Carter, Who is your favorite Middle East peace bringing politician?

Trump said if Jared couldn’t do it, no one could.


As long as we also agree that Kushner’s record of is a 1000 times longer than Hunter Biden’s. Deal?

Then I’m correct. We will have to wait a few months to see if any new wall gets built. It won’t be settled here.

Are you talking criminal record? Such as drug offenses, like the one that got Hunter kicked out of the Navy?

But no one ever points to positive results conservatives like.

Kim Jung-Un mocked Trump yesterday and last week Donald ran from NATO with his tail between his legs after being mocked by world leaders who are no longer intimidated by him.

This weekend Trump is groveling before the Saudis.

Are you proud to see America relinquish global leadership? I’m not.

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Let’s just wait til 2024 and then forget Trump said anything about it all. And then gaslight libs by saying he was never serious about doing it in the first place. Or it was their fault it didn’t happen. I’d definitely go with that. You know it’s a winner.

Hunter broke the law in a way that harmed himself. Bad but not as bad as the massive slumlord act that Jared pulled in Baltimore that has led to a set of lawsuits, Jared hurt others.

Hunter Biden’s failings do not excuse Jared’s.

I’m beginning to think that Jared was brought on not to oversee the whole project, but to oversee the taking of the land from US citizens via eminent domain.

Leadership on what? Global warming? What decisive action would you take against the Saudis? Keeping in mind that if they cannot defend themselves against Iran, we will have to do the job for them. The European “leaders” that you speak of will be nowhere in sight. Cowering under a table somewhere. Just as they were when we wiped out all of the gains that ISIS made and sent thousands of them to meet Allah in the process.

I was talking about Middle East Peace.
His record of accomplishment with that will be the same with the wall.

Well, he does have experience kicking out tenants.

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If it were up to me, I would start by building on property where the owners want a wall. There are many who would love to see the cartels and coyotes be forced from their land. Who wants their own land invaded? Can you blame them?

That will not be proven or disproven here. We’ll have to wait a few months. Now it’s all speculation. And most (not all) of the Trump speculation has been wrong. Remember when they said that he would crash the market? :joy:

Middle East peace has been achieved, I take it? So like the fake news lib mob seditious media to let Kushner’s momentous accomplishment go unreported.

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Isn’t this just like the whole GOP talking point about Hunter Biden?..

What qualifies Kushner to be paid to run this operation? What experience does he have other than than Trump being his father in law?

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