Kushner’s New Assignment: Great News for Border Wall Opponents

This story came out about a week or so ago, but I’ve seen no comments here.

At that time, President Trump made an excellent decision from the perspective of all those who believe his wall on the southern border is a massive waste of resources and an ineffective way to address the immigration challenges the US faces.

He put Jared Kushner in charge of building the wall.

The reason this is excellent news is that with Kushner in charge, we have been given a virtual guarantee that the project will fail.

Just look at Kushner’s track record. Okay, he married the bosses’ daughter, but other than that.

· He got into Harvard only because his father made a huge donation to the school
· His single largest real estate deal was the financially disastrous purchase of 666 5th Avenue for top dollar at the height of the real estate bubble
· He was put in charge of re-inventing government by President Trump but has achieved no results
· He was put in charge of ending the opioid crisis by President Trump but has achieved no results
· He has led the charge of aligning the US with Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman which has made the US complicit in at least two murder cases committed by Saudis as well as their murderous war in Yemen, lest we upset Jared’s play dates with his pal MBS
· He was put in charge of achieving peace in the Middle East, a task Kushner misunderstood as one of aligning US policy with whatever Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wanted. As a result, peace is farther away than ever

With Kushner in charge, the wall is doomed.

Thank you President Trump.


Jared Kushner could not solve a one piece jigsaw puzzle.



I enjoy how the many people who attack Biden’s son have absolutely no problem that Kushner and Ivanka are where they are.


Jared has years of experience in wall building. From 2-5 years of age he put countless hours into his lego collection.

He has worlds more experience for this job than Hunter ever had for his job in Ukraine.

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I wonder if that’s why Ivanka always looks so frustrated and unsatisfied

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Ask me in six months.

What happens in six months other than another tussle where Congress refuses to provide funds for the wall, the President threatens a shutdown and Republicans looking to the 2020 election plead with the President to avoid a shutdown.

I don’t know. Which is why I said ask me in six month.

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I was wondering whether you had an inside scoop on Kushner being tutored in competence? Just hoping.

You hire the best qualified person for the position. What in Kushner’s past qualifies him or gives him the track record that proves he has any modicum of talent for huge infrastructure project.

If any Trump supporter is honest they would not hire Kushner to oversee and coordinate a remodel of their house let along a construction project involving thousands of miles.

Why are you willing to give him the benefit of the doubt of 6 months? You sure as heck would not give an Obama appointee the benefit of 6 days let alone 6 months.

This is one more example of Donald Trump preferring family loyalty to expertises, nothing more or less. Trump seems to have a mortal fear of competence – because of how it would contrast with his own abilities I assume.

I’m guessing that he will have a staff?

Well this statement (along with the others) is a load of bull since President Trump has accomplished more in less then 3 years then the past 4 Presidents combined even with the constant onslaught attacks from the seditious “resistance” movement.

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No doubt. By no results, they mean no results that liberals would like.

Great topic. I was going to start a thread on it yesterday, but didn’t get around to it, so thank you.

In Texas:

Officials closely involved with the border wall project said Kushner has become increasingly involved in the details related to acquiring needed properties and pushing government attorneys to gain control of the parcels as quickly as possible, acting on Trump’s directive to “take the land.”

Speak to specific issues I raised rather than making general unfounded claims about accomplishments that no one but those bamboozled by Trump can see.

Conservatives: For eminent domain (and tariffs, Russia, exploding deficits, twitter) since 2016.

“Take the land”. Let’s hear it for Republican small government.

How’s that Middle East peace initiative going with kushy in charge.

We ve seen his past performances.

He.s a very slow horse.


He tried to take land before for his escapades.

Just type in trump and eminent domain and have yourself a field day.