Kushner advised Saudi crown prince after Khashoggi killing: report

So our President’s son-in-law told the crazy prince to just hang on and fix whatever he needed to fix? That’s some messed up stuff right there.

Corruption. It’s all about $$$ in the private sector for these people

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This happens all the time. Don’t be so naive.

Oh No!!!

This can’t be happening.

Crooked Jared?? Nah, he’d never do anything like that. Dumpster Donnie will vouch for him

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Eat yout peas, lib.

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Basically called it…I still think Jared gave the go ahead

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Last words: “I can’t breath.”

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These are all just horrible, horrible human beings. And anyone supporting them, not here of course, but in the real world, are equally horrible for backing such disgusting excuses for human beings.


It doesnt bother you at all that someone who is part of Trumps inner circle was advising the Prince ?

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Advised, or just told the prince that for another hundred mil the Don would cover his ass no matter what.

What’s worse is that this Prince gave the go ahead to murder Khashoggi, and here’s Trumps son in law helping a criminal out.

Horrible… absolutely horrible

Kushner is such a stand up guy. Just looking out for a fellow criminal.

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There may be no honor amongst thieves, but apparently hanging with murderers changes that ■■■■■

Well at least Jared didn’t bow too low before Saudi royalty. That would have been horrible and unforgivable.

Most corrupt admin ever?

By far, not even close. I can’t think of any other admin more corrupt than this one. Nixon is a choir boy compared to the orange clown.


How could it not be? Electing a billionaire global real estate mogul who brings his business associates (Ivanka and kushner) into the white house. CORRUPT

Cronyism has always existed.

This is just a new, more blatant level than we have previously seen before.