Kneeling during the anthem vs flag shorts

Trump and trumpets have railed against people kneeling during the anthem. But trump has no problem taking photos with people wearing flag shorts which is even more disrespectful

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there’s a thread here where trump supporters are basically poo-pooing the Statue of Liberty… why do you think they’ll care about this.


The stars should not climb up your crotch in the front and your butt in the back.


The fellow in your picture is not following flag code. And, I suspect, doing it to show that he likes the US and what it’s doing.

Kaepernik are not following flag code. And, according them, are doing it to show their displeasure with what the US and its government(s) are doing.

The concern for the flag and its handling is another way for the rich and powerful to claim the flag and love of country for the status quo. This is not new, those protesting the government have always been criticized for not being patriots or “real Americans”.

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I don’t like the shorts.

I prefer wearing the black and white flag shorts.

Nothing says “I luv my country” like wrapping your junk in Old Glory.


Here is U S Flag Display Code:

“Respect for Flag” section towards the end covers the flag on clothing. It isn’t to be worn.

The photo of the golfer in flag shorts is beyond tacky.:nauseated_face:

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She was a very talented athlete. Didn’t care for her attention hounding personality, though, and IMO even the wearing of a representation of the U S flag on the uniform of 1984’s winning U S Olympic Gymnastics Team was tacky.

Do you see thirteen horizontal stripes, and fifty stars? If not, it’s not the American flag.

Or, of it looks like shorts, it’s not a flag.

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Lots of Yoga twisting going… Bad Yoga

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Well, I think I have the IQ to differentiate between a flag and long shorts. And I would agree that shorts don’t look like flags, and vice versa. Although you could have one on the other in certain cases. But not in this case.

That’s my point, of course. Shorts are shorts, a flag’s a flag.

Those with common sense can usually tell the difference.

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Sitting on a representation of the American flag shows disrespect for it, IMO.

I’ll take the kneelers. They’re up front about being in protest about treatment of minority subjects in police custody & are quietly expressing themselves.

Kaepernick got on my last nerve in showing disrespect for American police officers with pig socks & praising Fidel Castro.

Kneeling as a way of sitting out the Bellamy Pledge? ‘Scuse me while I fall asleep :sleeping:

If professional athletes want to kneel during the national anthem, that is their right. It’s also the right of all those who financially support the sport this player represents, to stop supporting them? If this happens, the pro athlete has nothing to complain about except their own actions. If they are amateurs, then the country has the right to not allow them to represent it. Actions come with potential rewards and consequences and you better be prepared for both?

No it is not their right.

It was settled over 75 years ago that no official or person of any kind is permitted to decide what is the correct display of patriotism or love of country.

There are Supreme Court rulings on this.

The only clothing that is in violation of flag code is any clothing actually made out of an American flag.

The shorts may be tacky…they don’t violate the flag code.

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What…isn’t who’s right? If you kneel and I’m a fan, I have every right to stop being a check cutting fan.

I havant seen Daly in the golf world for years. He hit the ball a ton but never seemed to get it all together.

But yes of course, trump is a hypocrite.