Kim Jong-un crosses the DMZ

making him the first leader of North Korea to step foot in South Korea since the Korean war.

In a moment rich with symbolism and pomp, South Korean leader Moon Jae-in and Mr Kim shook hands at the border.

Mr Kim said he hoped for “frank” discussion during a warm opening exchange as talks kicked off.

The historic summit will cover nuclear weapons and a possible peace treaty.

Much of what they will talk about is likely to have been agreed in advance, but many analysts remain sceptical about the North’s sincerity in offering to give up nuclear weapons.

still think he is going to poison them all

Twitch is live streaming the press event lmfao.

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Wait, I thought Trump was going to start a nuclear war there by calling Kim bad names.
Or, Trump was showing what an unstable un-genius he was by flattering Kim and calling him “honorable”.

Could this indicate that Trump knew more about what to do than those who were ridiculing him the whole time?

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The South Korean President ran on engagement with North Korea. This is all his doing.

From confronting Kim with words, to sending our ships, to threatening Kim if he took action, to flattering him when this was all in the works, Trump’s policy is behind this. North Korea and South Korea aren’t working in a vacuum. I can consider that we just have a different understanding of what brought this all about unless you are one of these people who criticized Trump for his earlier actions in Korea. People who believed that Trumps words and actions were putting us at risk then have no right to say that developments now have no relationship to Trump or the US. If you at that time were criticizing those complainers, and saying whatever Trump does over there will have no effect on peace or war in Korea, then you are at least consistent.

Trump had zero to do with this. Next you’ll give him credit for the sun coming up this morning. :slight_smile:

Um, no. If NK was lobbing missiles across the DMZ you’d be blaming ☭rump for WWIII. Instead, they’re lobbing leaders and calling for peace. ☭rump has everything to do with this.

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It’s more of a broken clock being correct twice a day thing.

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Looks like the leftists and swamp creature were wrong again… So scared when Trump called him rocket man…LMAO!

Actually Trumps Administration helped push for this Peace talk.

But seems He is halting his missile testing and signing peace between N and S is all good under the Trumps Administration.

But he could go back on all of it.
We will have to see what happens.

It is ludicrous to believe the relations between the North and south went on in a vacuum without the atmosphere being created by the involvement of the United States. We even sent out ships there. The left was condemning him for the negative effects his threats might have. Now we are told nothing he said or did could have any effect.
Then what was he being berated for before?

All Trump is saying, is give peace a chance… Sure makes the last few president look bad. Should have been taken care of long ago. Poor libby has to hate Trump for denuking and peace in Korea…

This thread didn’t do so well today here.

Shocking, not. lol

You once again show your ignorance of the history of the region. NK does not do anything without a end-game plan. They are testing SL, the US and China to see what they can get away with. I will not celebrate or give Trump any credit until this game plays out. I do agree with some of the Korea experts when they say that a ill or un-prepaired Trump has the possibility of really screwing this up. As one guy stated that if Trump goes in, slams his fist down on the table and expects this to go like he is selling a apartment complex in Manhattan, he is in for a huge surprise. Film at eleven.


If this leads to real tangible stability and peace, I’m fine giving Trump credit if it’ll make his supporters happy.

NK still has Nukes and is still at war with SK.

Yes, and now they’re working on resolving all that, thanks to president Trump, and cooperation with China, and of course S. Korea.

Peace through strength works.

It indicates nothing of the sort.

Like sen. Graham said… “Trump won’t be played.”

…What would Hillary be doing? Sending them another few billion, I bet.

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