Kill 10,000 seniors, get a promotion into the Biden administration

They probably wouldn’t have nominated somebody to the cabinet who knew the danger and protected their family without warning the public, for starters. That situation was a heated controversy in PA that wasn’t exclusive to partisans. Ultimately, there should accountability in this particular case, rather than rewarding professional malice.

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Looks like the love child of Data from Star Trek with Christopher Lloyd during the set of back to the future.

“Health” secretary and this thing isn’t healthy physically or mentally. Niiiiiiiiice choice there Slo Joe.

I remember it well. I had forecasted March to be the greatest profit month in my history. Up until the 14th, I was on track. The media though was telling us from every source that “we” are all going to die. By the 20th, the market was changing negatively and by the end of the month, business was very poor.

Cuomo was making it a law that nursing homes had to take in patients infected with COVID and thus personally murdered thousands and thousands and thousands of elderly people due to his blatant stupidity. On one hand the media is yelling about how infectious this virus is and then there’s Cuomo and four other stupid ass Governors doing the same thing.

Now in answer to your question, NY had two options; one was a tent hospital set up in Central Park and it was provided free by the Samaritans Purse.

It opened on April 1st. Now ask yourself why it wasn’t taken advantage of and you have what should be another nail in Cuomo’s coffin.

The second was a navy ship that was sent for the same purpose but before April was even over, dumb ass Cuomo sent it packing.

Governor Cuomo should be prosecuted for his mishandling of almost everything connected to this virus and he cost the lives of so many due to his arrogant stupidity. Now here…you can buy his book and he’ll tell you all about how great he is.

As a Pennsylvanian I am thrilled to have the states most visually inept (IMO) transgender person leave for a chance on the national stage.

You are going to LOVE some Levine.


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I actually agree and have no idea why Biden picked her. But instead of going after her for her failures during COVID, the right will no doubt attacker her for being transgendered instead of her record.

Levine is a Pediatrician, not a public health expert. We can start there.

Here is some background information.

To late.
.WW, Formerly PSHS


The city spent tens of Millions of dollars erecting field hospitals that were never used because the curve flattened and the worst case scenario thankfully never came to pass.

There are many many reasons to hate Cuomo… I can get on board with quite a few of them. Not using field hospitals is not one of them.

I often listen to radio programming in the Philadelphia area market, and Levine has been a subject of criticism for may months.

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I’ve tried to steer this topic away from that but it honestly seems like this pick was chosen just to bait people, which is a real disservice to the LBGTQ community. I only care about her record when it comes to public health, which is sorely lacking.

Biden be trolling.

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Elevendeith dimensional chess.

Throw out some fresh meat to get others through quickly.

.WW, Formerly PSHS

Predictable, pedestrian and dishonest. And certainly not unifying.

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There’s undeniable logic to your post, but it’s still a despicable use of identity politics and especially divisive even by Democrat standards. The trans movement needs positive examples if it wants to sway people, rather than reinforcing preconceptions and stereotypes.

As far as I can the the dem religion views humans as a disease upon the earth.

You have to install the sock puppet before you can find his policy…

At this rate it’s turning into the Frighthouse instead of the Whitehouse. A place were you would think twice about signing the permission slip for your children’s class to visit the Capital.

Getting directions for the tour,

"You follow the directions left by Black Lives Matter

until you come to the gates and are greeted by a creepy transgender man

The thing at the gates will then lead you to the Frighthouse, you should pass Pete Buttigieg on the tree swing

to president Fire Marshall Bill on the 90’s comedy show living colour


I heard she was highly recommended by Dr. Jill Biden.


But not using field hospitals while seniors were dying in large numbers in nursing homes is.


Well done.