Kill 10,000 seniors, get a promotion into the Biden administration

The field hospitals were already there…bought and paid for by Samaritan’s Purse…long before anyone else acted. You do understand that, correct? Now…instead of using this generosity, Cuomo sent sick patients back into uninfected nursing homes and murdered thousands and thousands of elderly citizens due to complete ignorance.

The Christian-based humanitarian relief organization, run by Franklin Graham, established a field hospital in Central Park as New York City quickly became the global epicenter for COVID-19. The move was immediately decried by the left due to Samaritan Purse’s biblical views on sexuality despite the organization’s commitment to serve every patient without discrimination.

But on Saturday, Mount Sinai Health System announced it was shutting down the field hospital. Sources told local media the decision was due in part to Samaritan Purse’s Christian beliefs.

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Are you sure it wasn’t Satan that made that call?

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That was something set in motion before the field hospitals were built.

Turns out that by the beginning of May, the capacity of field hospitals was much much greater than the need.

Now there was some poor decisions and bureaucracy that got in the way of their use… but by the beginning of May the case rate in NYC was decreasing.

There was no longer a need for Samaritan’s’ Purse to be there.

An overabundance of hospital beds during a pandemic? Heresy!

And continued after they were built, left empty, and dissembled. There is no letting Cuomo off the hook on this one. His actions killed hundreds.


I know we can go back and forth about what actually happened, what the guidelines actually were and what the real world implementation turned out to be… but I know you won’t care.

The story you have is compelling to you.

Don’t make fun of Biden’s appearance. I hope to look that good when I’m dead.

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Sure you do.


It’s not my story, it’s what happened. Thousands died due to Cuomo’s command.


Who could have ever guessed that putting the disease ridden in a pandemic in with the sickest and most vulnerable could be problematic?


The guidelines called for isolation of Covid positive people and grouping of Covid positve people in nursing homes.

That was the guidelines

Reality sadly doesn’t follow guidelines.

Yes, Cuomo’s guidelines. Saying I was just following the rules does not hack it when you made the rules.

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Governor Death has a few cult devotees, I see. Maybe Cuomo deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

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More than a few cult members. He was celebrated at the Democratic National Convention, which was utterly despicable.

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Nah. Cuomo sucks.

He is pretty terrible.

But not for reasons that you guys don’t like him.

Amazing. Just a short while ago we heard we had to be willing to sacrifice our seniors for the good of the economy. From the same people.

The mortuary. Obviously.

Whose guidelines? Who decided? Fauci. Right out of his playbook.

Neither article linked references the 10,000 seniors in the title. The OP makes no reference to the 10,000 in the title. Irresponsible