Kids+Illegal Drugs+Illegal Immigrants

The Democrat politicians are outraged about thee illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents. Is it really all about thee children? Or simply all about thee illegal immigrants coming into this country so thee Democrats can get their votes once they make them legal citizens, even after they broke the laws of America. It’s like their rewarding them! lol. Where is your worry Democrat politicians when it comes to all of the crimes, illegal acts, and murder of children from gangs that come across the border, or all of the illegal drugs? How about drugs in general, and how pot is a gateway drug to other things life heroin and cocaine. Not to mention all of the little girls in the world that do sexual acts for drugs because of their addictions. Where are your women rights activists with drugs then? You’re nothing but hypocrites! In thee worst form! So is it really about the children? Or once again just like race in this country is this just another way for you to try and divide our great country?

It is about the politically disastrous choice to separate children from parents.

does this rambling have a point.

If you read the thread you would find thee point. Did you read thee whole thing?

So what your saying is laws are ok to be broken as long as their are kids involved???
Well, that might put a lot of people at DCFS(Department of Child and Family Services) out of work.

Nobody is going to read the whole thing.

Thee so funny.



I read it.

I laughed.

You’re wrong already LouC just said she did. lol.

Happy that I can amuse you.

Holy ■■■■! Thee needs paragraphs.

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I read thee whole thing.

The point is you wanted to rant against Democrats using strawmen arguments and outright nonsensical Right Wing BS talking points.

You obviously have no intent to serious discussion.

THE…The word is THE NOT thee. We spent too much time trying to figure out if you meant the, these, three or they. THEE is not a word commonly used in English…so forgive us if your rambling on about drugs has us confused. We are all still stuck on the continuous use of THEE.

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singing………….Thee thee thee thee thee thee thee thee, thee thee thee thee theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I’m here all day folks. lol.

Please, explain to me, which part was outright nonsensical?
Doesn’t the Democrat Party suppose thee legalization of pot? Pot is a gateway drug.
I’ve been drug free for over 9 years, but I have a PHD in street smarts, and barely got a high school diploma for book smarts. How many kids are addicted to drugs? How many suicides happen to kids each year? How about overdoses on drugs? Please, please explain to me how I’m not making any logical sense?

10 Char.

can’t talk logic with crazy people. PHD in street smarts. LOL…what a non starter. Again, BYE!

Thank you for your input, and I hope that thee rest of your day goes well.

I find the constant instance on the utilization of “thee” to be absurd, and makes reading your thread entirely impossible and unworthy of my time. For what it is worth.

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I would love to have this question answered by a Democrat logically??? lol