Kid flashes white power symbol at Nashville rally

Im sure all the trump supporters will say it’s just a kid blah, blah but

  1. He’s doing it at a trump rally seated behind trump
  2. He clearly knows what the sign means since
  3. Racism isn’t a gene but a learned trait.

it’s a shame his parents are raising the next gen of white supremacists…

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Reposting link

In before A-Ok is racist now? LOL.

The kid was trolling for the camera.

Too many A-ok signs being thrown around lately…

It’s hard to tell who the racists are, and who the trolls are. There’s a lot of racism over at 4chan where this originated, but there are also people who say racist things because they just want to be offensive. It’s funny to see people get upset when there’s no repercussions for it.

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This shows the boldness to do this…on TV, behind trump…
Do you think this will be denounced??

Of course not. He was just happy to be behind trump, so he gave the a ok sign.

I don’t think Trump is a racist in the white supremist way but more just a product of his time. I am probably not explaining myself very well but I have come across a lot of older people who would not class themselves as racists but will use terms that today are not acceptable.

However, there is no doubt that Trump has validated the worst sort of racists and bigots in society. We see this on this very forum where a number of posters since Trump came onto the political scene have made comments expressed ideas that are expose their true opinions.

Trump has had ample opportunities to publicly decry the emergence into the public of a vein of hard core hatred yet he has not. This is a man who loves to use Twitter to rant and rave, call the media the enemy, demand investigations into those who politically oppose him yet he cannot formulate a well thought out condemnation of the racist and bigots who think Trump is leading them to a new more pure America.

I’ll give the kid the benefit of the doubt that he was either saying a ok or just simply doesnt know

I think it’s more likely he visits 4chan a lot and he thought it’d be funny.

Not racist. Just a troll.

Could be idk

Lol 3 times…

Who really uses the A-OK sign anymore?

I think the only instance I might give the A-OK sign is if someone specifically asks me “are you okay?” However, if i’m responding by a hand sign, it’s going be 50/50 between that and the Thumbs Up.

He’s very OK.

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Well troll or not let’s see if anything becomes of this since it’s viral…

If the kid was black at an Obama rally, republicans would be screaming indoctrination and questioning why a parent would bring a kid to a plotical rally.

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I denounce it. Is that ok?



Seriously, what is this nonsense??

What if the kid was obama??