Kentucky passed Voter ID law, when all deparnment that offer ID are currently closed


DMV issue ID’s for other than just driving. They also have access to print the ID’s that have the anti-counterfeit measures.


You are correct. They don’t want illegals to vote. Everyone should already have an I.D. Why would they not?

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I admire your personal position on this but you continue to vote for people who believe the opposite.

I can sign on to that. The goal is to make it as easy as possible.

There have been numerous investigations by states. All came up empty despite really wanting to find something. Do you think voter fraud isn’t a function of state boundaries? Why would you expect a national investigation to return different results?

You really seem invested in finding it.

Our DMVs don’t print the IDs onsite anymore. They come in the mail later. Municipal/town clerks should be able to access the same printing utility.

My issue is that DMVs tend to have uneven hours, are usually only accessible by cars, and can be far away. Many counties in Wisconsin only have one DMV center, and they aren’t full time. But a town hall is always nearby.

I’ve said this before but the number one name I’ve voted for in Presidential elections is Donald Duck. It was my way of telling the establishment on both sides of the aisle, ■■■■■ you. :sunglasses:

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yeah…I know.

So what’s the problem then?

It hasn’t been properly and thoroughly investigated.

When those dead vote let me know. They’re sueing because they havent been removed from voter registration? Do you want all death certificates to go through the registration office? Or when they move they have to report it? This is a right wing org trying to throw doubt into something but really have nothing

Yeah…it’s nothing…and proves the system is airtight against voter fraud. :sunglasses:

That’s not voter fraud. It’s pretty standard that every state will have and there is room for improvement but is not indicative of voter fraud.

There will always be some voters on the rolls that aren’t valid as they move out of state, for example.

It is with in the system and indicative of the sloppiness with in it leaving the potential for voter fraud. Now consider how much fraud there is everywhere else in all walks of life? Believing there’s none in our voting system is foolish IMO. I’d be happy though with a strict voter ID system.

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Polling places, their numbers, and locations were set not by the states but by the local and county gov’ts and almost all of them in urban areas are dominated by democrats.

We don’t have endless resources to put on elections ether, particularly volunteers to man the polls.

With a minimum of 3-4 weeks for early voting, absentee voting and voting on election day there is no excuse whatsoever for any legal voter not getting to the polls in time to vote with minimal inconvenience.

This is just more democrat BS to smear republicans and their own projection.


Yet you have failed to o show any correlation between voter registration error and voter fraud. It has become the Holy Grail of conservatives to find voter fraud and, despite numerous investigations, they have come up empty. Conservatives, like you, always figure there are flaws in the investigations and think it’ll be the next one that for sure will find what they seek. They never question whether their premise is true or not.

In science that’s a huge no-no to start with a conclusion and sift through evidence to try that which agrees with you. You would excoriate global climate scientists that do that yet happily fo it yourself here.


Is there a lot of fraud in all walks of life? I work with labs, I don’t see fraud. My company doesn’t engage in fraud. I think it is far rarer than you think.

Does your company and/or employees engage in fraud?

It can’t be proven if it’s never thoroughly investigated? Like I said, set it aside and let’s just agree on implementing a voter ID system?

Yeah…I know.

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Trump set up a task force on voter fraud.