Kentucky congressman disinvites AOC to visit coalminers (4-17-2019)

“I think we need to be very prepared when we debate her on issues that we’re having a hard time with,” James Comer, a Kentucky Republican, told local news outlets, warning “Republicans are making a mistake picking on her.”

Responding to his comments on Twitter, the lawmaker wrote, “GOP’s getting scared that up close, their constituents will realize I’m fighting harder for their healthcare than their own Reps.”

LOL. R’s cant deal with someone who knows her ■■■■■



Typical Trumpist ■■■■■■

Those Republicans seem very frightened of her.

You know, this country could use a few good debates on the issues of the day.

What a coward.

Well the R’s really cant defend the admins wanting to dismantle Obamacare (which lots of Kentuckians are on) without an alternative.

They thought it would be great publicity if they invite AOC to Kentucky to visit a coal mine and watch her refuse to come. than she said “sure”, what date. and then they bid a hasty retreat from the invite.


Apparently, the only thing the GOP has to fear are ideas themselves…

You don’t like what she has to say? Confront her, explain to the people why you’re ideas are better! Don’t shut your own people out from her ideas. It sounds to me like you think they might like her ideas more. She should go anyway and have a town hall in the middle of his district.

Sigh, what has become of this party?

She’s not our problem. She’s Nancy’s. We’re just enjoying the show. But you are free to define it any way that makes you happy.

So why did the R’s dis-invite her. LOL.

She’s no problem for the democrats.


You are free to believe that.

The dems didnt disinvite her. That was all the Republicans doing.


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I got that.

It looks like all the Kentucky Republicans are scared of her.

She’s fearless.

Thats not the democrats afraid of her ideas, thats all on the R’s. they are terrified that she would show them up.


Ok sure. Let me know when she actually accomplishes something. Then we will worry. Until then, please allow us to enjoy the show. As Nancy said, “A glass of water with a “D” on it could be elected in her district.”

Its just ideas now. you know like making sure pension plans for coal miners were guaranteed.

You know socialism. LOL

AOC would have destroyed the R’s.


She’s still young. You have to give them time. The Reagan revolution wasn’t built in a day either.

Shutting down debates is stupid though. It’s a sign of weakness.

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I don’t care. She’s one of the dumbest people in congress, but she may not be the dumbest. Did he say why he withdrew?

You could try reading the OP including the linked article. Just a thought.

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Putting extra conditions on her after she accepted is simply a political stunt which backfired. I hate politicians and their stupid games. Is it possible that he is even dumber than she is? Yes, yes it is.

Don’t mean to derail but I saw something funny the other day - just can’t remember where.

They held up a doll that was all dirty with black marks and said it was Loretta Lynn’s first doll. Made me laugh out loud. Think it was an old show.