Kennedy Retiring From USSC

Unfortunately they have successfully turned marriage into nothing but a civil contract.

He said “it’s literally”.
Pay attention.

Sad it is.
They all vote D…I may add.

So you have no objection then. Many same-sex couple have been getting married in Churches for decades.


Can I have my pet frogs “married” there too???

You mean like this guy?

Capitol police arrest man who allegedly threatened to “chop up” Rand Paul and family with an ax

Net Neutrality Supporter Threatened to Murder FCC Chairman’s Children

Florida man accused of threatening to kill congressman’s children over immigration policy


If your Church will marry them they can have a religious wedding.

Sorry to say that since frogs can’t enter into civil contracts such a marriage will not be recognized as a valid legal marriage.

But ya, you could if you want.


My bullfrog Jeremiah and his darling mate Lollihops are going to ticked when they hear this. Doh! :man_facepalming:

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And the point is that they are not being upfront that they are religious, nut case anti-choice organizations. They are advertising themselves simply as Crisis Pregnancy Centers and then doing everything they can with every young girl/woman that walks through their doors to keep valid information from them.

Trusting, scared young women have no idea they are not being given all the information that they really should be.

But I’m sure this pleases you.

See Doug, Joanne is already fully on board.

I don’t care what they are, they are not agents of the state and they are protected by the first amendment.

Keep spewing that hate though, eventually you may run out of it and join the human race.

Or what they do to poor, scared, young women looking for help and honesty in what is available to them.

You and many on the right are the ones that need to join the human race.

Crawl back under your bridge and embrace the first amendment.

Withholding information from young, scared pregnant girls.

The founding fathers would be so proud of the way you embrace that right being twisted. I applaud you all.

Is there a woman in this country or even a girl over 10 that isn’t aware abortion is an option?

Are you incapable of understanding what you read?

Here again from my first post you replied to; this is what they went all the way to the supreme court over because they did not want to have to make young scared pregnant girls aware of everything the state is willing to help them with.

Of course young women know that abortion is an option. But these ■■■■ holes will not tell them that if they are interested in that option there is help available to them from the state.

Again, I’m sure that you applaud this and think it is just a wonderful way to treat young scared girls/women.

If they are aware abortion is an option before they ever walk into those places what would be the gain in repeating it to them exactly? Be specific?

blah, blah, blah… not interested in it Rose.

lol- so you are incapable of understanding what you read.