Kennedy Retiring From USSC

Are you incapable of understanding what you read?

Here again from my first post you replied to; this is what they went all the way to the supreme court over because they did not want to have to make young scared pregnant girls aware of everything the state is willing to help them with.

Of course young women know that abortion is an option. But these ■■■■ holes will not tell them that if they are interested in that option there is help available to them from the state.

Again, I’m sure that you applaud this and think it is just a wonderful way to treat young scared girls/women.

If they are aware abortion is an option before they ever walk into those places what would be the gain in repeating it to them exactly? Be specific?

blah, blah, blah… not interested in it Rose.

lol- so you are incapable of understanding what you read.

You haven’t said anything of value yet, I’m still hoping you will rise to the occasion.

You simply don’t understand that nothing I wrote is simply saying that the centers need to tell the girls that it is an option.

You really can’t understand what is clearly written there, can you?

Good luck with that man.

But you’ve already agreed that there’s not a woman in this country that isn’t already aware that abortion is an option.

Should we require radiologists to list all the services they don’t provide? How about vet’s? Should they have to list all the services they don’t provide?

Should churches be requires to post the information bout abortion clinics on their doors?

Like I said man, you applaud this and think it is just a wonderful way to treat young scared pregnant girls.

And you feel perfectly comfortable justifying it anyway you can.

Like I said, it is you and many on the right that need to quit the hate and join the human race.

Repeating the same drivel isn’t helping your case any.

I find it funny that some “progressives” who are supposed to be the most tolerant people around, and who champion women’s rights but treat women as imbeciles who are too stupid to know the difference between a pro life pregnancy center and an abortion clinic.

I volunteered at a pregnancy clinic for awhile. Absolutely no one gave misleading information and we were all told if asked to state very clearly we weren’t there to give medical advice or treatment.

The center was more a place where pregnant and new moms came for emotional support and to get receive clothing, diapers, formula and even furniture and car seats if we had them. All was given for free with no questions asked.

I find it disgusting that anyone would demean these clinics and the people behind them. They were motivated to help these women by providing items many of them were having trouble affording. And it really kills the stupid argument that pro life people don’t care about the baby after it is born.

I am getting really, really sick of the lies and the demagoguery, especially when they have nothing to back it up. And I am VERY glad the SC slapped down the state of CA for their gross violation of free speech.

Correct, but many leftists believe the state should have the power to force speech, no matter how much that speech might violate the conscience.

That’s exactly what this law was about and what the lefties going nuts over it are about as well.

They rant and rave about choice but the truth is, the only choice they care about is abortion.

That’s exactly right. They are not pro choice, they are pro abortion.

Already there are quite a few people smearing Amy Barrett, one of Trump’s possible choices for SC. Most of the smears have to do with her religion. Seems to me there is real fear by the left that she is going to be picked and confirmed.

I really don’t think attacking her religious views, which millions of Americans share, is going to play well with most Americans, even those who have no belief themselves.

They are handing the midterms to Republicans if they keep up this insanity.

ive been listening to a lot of podcasts lately after this news.
here is what i have learned. Abortion is up in the air. We dont know how Roberts is going to come down on things. Des he care about the court or does he want the thing punted to the states. Does he side with the liberals but allows states to chip away at Roe? Dont know.

Gay marriage- Roberts hated the decision. his dissent was epic. That could be going away, but that creates a mess with everyone who is already married.

what you are going to see is the Christian right press hard to get what they want now. I think they should get what they want. America needs to feel this pain and learn that you dont entertain these psychos.They are going to hide behind the 1st in order to get away with their bigotry. There is no difference between this the middle east.

You call Christians “psychos” and “bigots” and no different than the middle east.

Perhaps they aren’t the only bigots.

Besides, aren’t Democrats going to stack the SC anyway once they are back in power?

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The left doesn’t even hide their outright hate for Christianity anymore which is why it’s so laughable when they start quoting the bible to promote their latest leftwing causes like illegal immigration.

Like I said earlier in this thread, the only way the left has been able to force their agenda on the country the last fifty years has been through judicial activism and they are beginning to realize not only is that era over, it’s fixing to be reversed for at least the next generation and possibly well beyond.

That is what has them in complete meltdown mode over Kennedy’s retirement.

because once again it shows you folks as giant hypocrites.

Nancy Pelosi and many other Ds are having a meltdown over the decision yesterday protecting pro life centers from having to advertise abortion.

There is no “choice” for abortion radials except having it their way.

As the justices correctly stated, the state was attempting to force speech. That is a gross violation of free speech.

Very glad Hillary didn’t get to pick that appointment, even though my disgust with Trump over many other things remains.

Demonstrate the “hypocrisy”.

No what i said was the christian right are psychos and bigots…Not all Christians are bigots. Jwil is not, Ddye is not, and a host of others. More to the point the whole " the left are the only ones about identity politics is a lie. Gay marriage and abortion are on the table and these zealots are going to push their agenda hard…You now the same ■■■■■■■■ who cry about the left pushing their agenda forcing things on people. Anti freedom people are the worst.

Yeah thats neat…

No idea, be fairly stupid for them to do that.

casey vs PP. or the recent bakery case. They punted on the idea that baking a cake was compelled speech but this is…Stating some facts isnt compelled speech.