Kennedy Retiring From USSC

Seems like there should be room…so many of them are trying to get here instead of trying to improve where they are…
Which is likely the one way we would become like a banana Republic.

I did once but their fashion is not my style

Do they have clothes for straight guys?

We’ll be living in one soon enough. No need to travel anywhere.

I wonder if Canada will let women keep their children when they try to get away from the Civil War you righties are getting all excited about?

I am not excited about any Civil War and actually stated in another post that you all are all talk.
Another stereotyper.

What makes you feel that?

Why not migrate to Mexico? Liberals love Mexicans so much and all.

So no, you haven’t. And you really don’t know what you’re talking about?

I have. High priced junk.

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Clever? Again?

What the ■■■■ are you babbling about?

Are you suggesting that in 2018, woman are not smart enough to find out about abortion services? There’s this new fangeled contraption called the “Inter-Webs” now.

Or perhaps we might not.

The preponderance of my argument was on perspective. As a Conservative, I am concerned with the rights and liberties of the individual. The state is what must be limited and controlled.
Let that sink in.

Beyond the rule of law and protection from foreign intervention, I fail to see what it is that that the Gov can “provide” me that is not just more control of my life for which the public pays 3x the delivered value. I might make an exemption for the establishment and administration of transportation conduits (rail, road, air, power/fuel, communications).

It chafes me to even allow for that.

Civil Rights laws were only necessary to get the Dems to give up on the old south.

I was simply turning the binoculars around, my friend.

All of the things that you mention are examples of Proggies using the force of Government to take money from individuals to either coerce (via payoff), or enforce via compliance to some communal standard.

The perniciousness that you point to is the Progs practice of using a combination confiscated private funds to coerce and enforce “regulations” from gov agencies as opposed to explicit legislation passed by congress.

Well done.

well, i nailed the whole “can’t stop mass shootings” and “national debt is gonna explode” and “Trump is a con man” things.

i’m gonna be 100% correct about the new court as well. some of their rulings will hurt the very people that elected Trump and thus put a right slant on the bench.

and just like when i described the people that live around me, i’ll be called a liar.

now, be patient and watch me be right yet again.

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Yeah, you’re awesome.

Got the Powerball numbers for this week?

Oh I have faith Doug, you will be. Just give the CEC a little more time to convince you it’s the lefties forcing it.

Yet these anti-choice nutcases just fought all the way up through the supreme court so that they wouldn’t have to post the following information.

And after looking into it a little further like this, I have changed my mind. The Supreme Court has ■■■■■■ up once again.

Young women will use this “Inter-Webs” thing you speak of and if they happen to choose one of these “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” looking for help, you can rest peacefully and do your little happy dance that they will not be given the full and true information about every means of care and assistance available to them from the state.

Good job!

CEC! CEC! Cons!

Nope. That’s actually hard to predict.